Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 10th July 2024 Written Update

Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 10th July 2024 Written Update by Sona

Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 10th July 2024 Written Episode

Jokhu says now they should also eat because the people will try to study but they have to keep teasing them, the lady asks them to not worry as they would not let them study even a single letter when Jokhu asks Phuliya to even take Chambeli inside and give her something to eat, Nandu comes to Jokhu asking him to not do it all as people like Meghnath are even using them by trying to harm Bhim and Rama, Nandu says he should for once think of his chawl, people and their own Bhim, Jokhu replies he does it all against Bhim for his own satisfaction while Nandu must not think they are just being used by Meghnath when in fact it is their fight and they would win.

Meghnath tells the officer this is what is called planning when someone else is fighting the war but with the support of someone else, he says the idiots Jokhu, Janardhan, Manohar and Phuliya think they are fighting the war when it is against him and Bhim, Khulkrani says he always believes that they are strong until the weak people are not together and if they tend to come together then they would lose. The officer explains it to Meghnath that if all the people from the class of Bhim come together then he will never lose, Meghnath says they would not let it happen so asks both Khulkrani Sahab and the officer to come have lunch after which they would go to the chawl.

Bhim says this noise is being created to make them not pay attention but they are habitual of this noise when the people of the lower class have been called names for a very long time in which the forget their identity and the people of the upper class are told that they should hate people from the lower class and if they donot like it then everyone starts telling them how they have lost their purity so in reality they can hear this noise everywhere from which they have not been able to get away, they must make the power of peace in this noise and study with it, Janardhan and Manohar start smiling along with the other enemies of Bhim, Chambeli asks Bhim is weird as how can one find peace in the noise, Shoba also asks the same question, Bhim says they have to do it as the situation would never be the same but if they are able to do it then would give a message that no matter the situation they are going to remain patient and not divert from their idea, Bhim says he is going to show the way while they all would show the courage due to which they will study in the same manner while even in the noise. Meghnath comes saying even they would see, Khulkrani mentions even he has to say as they say Bhim Rao does magic and now he would see how Bhim does it. Bhim asks everyone to sit down and close their eyes while just focus on the examination and if they are able to get away from the outer noise then should open their eyes after which Rama and Shishupal jee would start teaching. Meghnath warns them all to go back to their house saying Bhim is making a fool when the person replies then they would prefer to be a fool like Bhim, they all agree with Bhim to do it and are adamant for it seeing which Meghnath and everyone is worried, Khulkrani says that there is something in Bhim but they have to see if he is even able to do something today. Bhim replies he does not know if he would be able to do it or not but is going to try his best. Meghnath asks Khulkrani to come and sit by his side, then the seats are placed for them all to sit. Bhim then asks the students to sit down, they all start their pose, Meghnath asks why are they all sitting quietly as they should start the dance and songs. Chambeli starts her dance while Bhim along with the students are busy in performing the yoga, the people of upper class informs that Meghnath is arranging a song in the chawl while Bhim Rao is performing yoga there and says they can even dance in it, but they all say it is not possible so Bhim Rao will certainly lose.

Chambeli is still performing while Bhim and his supporters are busy in performing the yoga, the women say that even they are eager to see if Bhim can really help the older students pass the examination but the other women is not convinced. The enemies of Bhim are still playing their instruments with a smile on their face and the students of Bhim are busy in their yoga.

The workers of lower class say that even they desire that the students of Bhim should pass the examination after which even they would go to study, the owner who is from the upper class says it will never happen as Meghnath jee has vowed to cover their face with black color after they fail the examination.

The students after performing the yoga ask Bhim to teach them, Rama says they are going to study the table to three and so she says they would star it, Rama and Shishupal start teaching the students then at the same time the enemies of Bhim are still playing the song on which Chambeli is dancing. Rama keeps teaching the counting till ten, Bhim thinks they all have to do it so they can be at peace even when there is unrest, Rama says it is enough for now and they would study in the after noon. Jokhu says how would they find out of if the students have understood, Meghnath tells Jokhu if he diddnot see how Bhim Rao was making them all act and they thought something magical would happen so how can anyone study in such noise. The lady replies she will give the answer to it, and she starts telling the table of three, Bhim is also shocked seeing they have memorized the table in such a short period of time, Meghnath along with the officer and Khulkrani are stunned seeing how the students have memorized the table, they all get up from their seats in a state of confusion. Bhim is joyed.

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