Mehndi Wala Ghar 10th July 2024 Written Update

Mehndi Wala Ghar 10th July 2024 Written Update by Amena

Mehndi Wala Ghar 10th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mauli telling Manoj about Suprabha helping Rati. Rahul says I will take Rati to Janki. She says no, she won’t accept the mistake and make some story, even Suprabha can lie, we have to get proof against Rati and explain Janki. Jyoti says we will send Rati to the mental asylum. Rahul says you are too cute, Mauli and I are together because of you. Mauli says yes, we realized our love because of you, Rati joined hands with Suprabha and proved that she doesn’t care for the family, Janki will never forgive her. She tells her plan.

Manoj says I m sure your plan will work. Mauli says we have to rush, good luck to us. They join hands. Rahul stops Mauli and closes her eyes. He takes her somewhere. He surprises her. She loves the petal shower. Janam Janam… plays… They dance. He says I want to say a special thanks. She asks why. He says thanks for coming in my life and loving me. Saloni comes and shouts seeing them. She scolds Mauli. Tanvi comes. Saloni asks Tanvi to explain them, they are romancing on the terrace. Rahul asks what happened, I will show you real acting, I held Mauli’s hand and held her close then I was going to confess my feelings, then Saloni came in between. Tanvi shouts Rahul. Rahul argues with them. He says we love each other, we will do anything we want. Tanvi scolds them. Rati comes. She asks Mauli to leave Rahul’s hand. Mauli asks her not to shout. Rati says Rahul is my husband. Mauli says he is just mine now. Tanvi asks Rati to calm down. Janki comes and scolds Mauli. Mauli says good and bad, it’s the diff of perception, I m keeping my love, and its a good deed for me. She goes. Tanvi says Rahul and Mauli have crossed limits today, I don’t know what to do. Vijay says he has left work and started romancing, I will put responsibilities on his head. Rahul comes. Vijay asks what’s happening. He scolds Rahul. He asks him to handle his restaurant. Rahul asks what, you have made the restaurant for Vaibhav. Vaibhav hears them. Rahul says you are saying wrong, Vaibhav has hope from you, you can’t back off. Vijay says we will think of something else for him. Rahul says try to understand, he is my twin brother, he has seen struggles and sacrifices in his life, I can’t do wrong with him, please, you have made this restaurant for Vaibhav, he will handle it, not me. Vijay insists. Rahul says no, I won’t take Vaibhav’s place, its wrong, I m sorry. Vaibhav looks on and gets sad. Vijay and Tanvi say what shall we do of Rahul. Saloni talks to Guddi. Vaibhav hears her. She asks did you meet Vijay. Vaibhav says I got many names in Jabalpur, useless, everyone used to taunt me, I stayed silent, why, I wasn’t at a position to answer them, but you see now, I will become capable, I have to go to London, I will learn work and progress. Saloni smiles. She says you will do it. He says my biggest dream is to treat Guddi, she will start talking and say Papa first, I will be glad if she says mummy. He shows his passport and visa. They hug. Mauli looks on and gets emotional. Jyoti does makeup to look ill. She asks Mauli will she come. Mauli says yes, stay there.

She sees Suprabha and Vicky coming. Mauli worries and says Jyoti can’t lie. Rahul says relax, she can do anything. Mauli says Suprabha’s intentions aren’t wrong, I hope Jyoti handles everything. Rahul calms her. Jyoti sees Manoj coming. They start acting. Suprabha and Vicky look on. She asks what happened to Jyoti. Manoj checks Jyoti’s prescription. He asks her to wear mask and maintain distance. Jyoti asks what happened. Manoj says come here, this test is for that infection that spreads like covid, you have all the symptoms. Suprabha worries. Jyoti says Rati is ill, maybe I got infected by her. Manoj says she has to get these tests done, whoever met Rati would be affected too and can die. Suprabha thinks I also met Rati.

Mauli and Rahul pray. Suprabha comes to meet Rati. Rati asks why did you call me here.

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