Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 16th January 2023 Written Update

Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 16th January 2023 Written Update by Sona

Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 16th January 2023 Written Episode

The episode begins with Anand crossing the fence to find Lakshmi. Bhim Rao and Ramji goes after him. Hitesh understood this as David’s plan to force someone out of the chawl to have them killed. Jijabai cannot let anything happen to Ramji; she runs after him as well.

Lakshmi after filling her pot with water goes back home when she meets the police pointing guns at her for breaking the rule. Anand reaches her, begs police not to kill his wife because she did it for him. Police refuse to listen to their lover story. Lakshmi explains that Anand is on medication, he needs to take his does daily or else will die. She begs police to let them go. Bhim Rao, Rama and Ramji standing behind them calculated why they behaved oddly. They were stressed and upset to know that Anand and Lakshmi hid it from them. Police wills to kill them both. Bhim Rao intervenes taunting police not to indulge their persona opinion in it. David’s wish cannot be considered law, that’s not the basis of its formation. David comes from aside, shooting a bullet is not a big deal. He orders Police to kill everyone, consider them being shot for breaking the law. Joshi will testify against them. Jijabai stops everyone, she only holds Bhim Rao and Rama accountable not anyone else. Rama agrees to be shot. David is not a fool to kill only Bhim Rao and Rama, not anyone else. Varchand and Joshi questions Bhim Rao for not saying anything. Ramji offers himself. Anand and Meera offer themselves. David wants Bhim Rao to speak before his death. Bhim Rao tells him how sometimes one doesn’t have to look behind, something similar happened to David. He asks David to turn around. Shoba and Deepak approaches David with another man. Bhim Rao asks David to notice that the man is carrying a pen in his hand, a weapon stronger than a gun. In David’s language, pen is mightier than the sword. The man introduces himself a sub – editor in Bombay Chronicles. He will publish today’s new is newspaper. David is unhinged, Bhim Rao questions him for not knowing Vinod Shah Mehta. Police informs David about Mehta having strong ties with Governor. David being unamused orders police to open fire. Police defies his orders, refuse to shoot anyone. David leaves in anger. Bhim Rao and thanks the man for coming. Rama taunts Joshi for being thirsty. She asks him to leave. Shoba also asks Joshi to find a better way harassing them because now Deepak has solutions. Deepak calls himself Bhim Rao, assures that one day everyone will become like Bhim Rao.

Everyone is the chawl awaits for their return, wonders what would have happened to them. Daliya defies, nothing would have happened. Bhim Rao and everyone will be safe. Janardan asks who will save them. Deepak steps in, he saved his Bhim Rao this time. They all come in. Nandu questions Deepak for finding a solution. Deepak recalled Bhim Rao talking about Mehta, so he went to ask him for help. Jijabai reminds everyone about the water situation. Anand and Lakshmi leaves. Bhim Rao ask everyone to grab their container to fill them with water, they can go outside. He asks everyone to prepare themselves. Bhim Rao goes upstairs.

Anand yells at Lakshmi for disobeying him. How would have he survived without her. She asks him to realize the same. Bhim Rao questions them for not sharing their problem. Anand does not want to talk on this topic. Bhim Rao recalls Anand calling him for head massages, but now he doesn’t even consider him in sharing problems. Anand is no one to steal his right from him. Bhim Rao asks Lakshmi to tell him what the doctor said. Anand shouts, he doesn’t want Bhim Rao to interfere.

The entire chawl hears Anand and questions Ramji. Ramji says in a loud voice that Bhim Rao and Anand are grownups, they can handle their situation. Bhim Rao interpretated Ramji saying that he is getting old. Anand wants Bhim Rao to leave. Bhim Rao agrees to leave, and by swearing on Rama he tells that after leaving today he will never talk to Anand again.

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