Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 5th July 2024 Written Update

Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 5th July 2024 Written Update by Sona

Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 5th July 2024 Written Episode

Meghnath tells Bhim they all are from his class so he should see their greedy nature and how will Bhim change the world when he should first change these greedy people, Jija Bai notices how Meghnath is counting it all says that these are less, Jokhu also asks Jija Bai to return the money that Phuliya gave her, Bhim and Ramji along with Meera Bua and Rama are stunned, Meghnath says that the mother of Bhim Rao is also involved in it but this is good, he asks Bhim Rao to see that she is his mother while the wife of Ramji even then she is with them, Meghnath explains he is feeling nice that even the mother of Bhim Rao is their pawn and it has been revealed in front of Bhim Rao so asks if he saw the truth, he then demands the money from Jija Bai who is holding the coins in her hands, she then Bhim walks over to Jija Bai saying she can give the money to him which he will return, explaining she is a respected member of their family then should at least learn today people like Meghnath donot belong to anyone and they are just searching for a chance to buy out their loyalty then even look for the chance to humiliate them, Bhim demands the money, Rama agrees with him so walking to her says the person whose thought change at all times then she can now trust them and return the money but if their respect bows before Meghnath then they would not feel nice. Bhim says it is not necessary the one should always go from the correct path as they can change it, he requests Jija Bai to come to their side as they would get the strength of their mother, Shoba along with Nandu and Puran also request her to change the ways, Deepak says the same thing to her.

Jija Bai however slaps Rama tightly seeing which everyone is stunned, Jija Bai replies it is their own decision and she has understood which path she need to walk on, Jokhu along with the other enemies of Bhim start clapping for her, Manohar praises her for the actions. Jija Bai then sees Meghnath smiling so she puts the coin at his feet saying some people in her house think their respect would be as the upper class but she knows they are going to remain in the same manner, Jija Bai asks Meghnath to go and try while she will do it to her capacity that these people are not able to pass the examination, Bhim walks away, Meghnath praises the thought of her, he says that Jija Bai is the one who can stand in front of Bhim so asks her to take the money as the gift while continue her efforts so the elder students are not able to pass the examination.

Ramji then comes to stand in front of Jija Bai saying she has earned the money after selling her mother hood, Rama says if mothers are like this then the love of a wife would bring it back, Ramji demands Jija Bai should leave her hand, she says it now realtes to the mother and daughter in law so it would be better for him to not interfere, Bala also stops Ramji from going after them, Meera says Bala is so intelligent that he has even started advising others but should tell them all to stop working for Meghnath and should not even go against Bhim, Jokhu says Bhim has humiliated them a lot of times in the chawl and they would get the money after doing the work, Meera Bua says their mind is filled with dirt and nothing could happen to them. Ramji praises the students for returning saying they should study ahead until he will bring the milk, Ramji announces he is going to bring milk with his own money so he can give tea.

Jija Bai says that her father has gone to bring milk and she will have to bear it, Jija Bai says Rama would only go out to teach after completing all of the work, Karuna says even her Lakshmi di is not here, Jija Bai replies she said she is going to not let them get through the education, Bhim offers to do all the work in place of Rama, Meera suggests she will do it but Karuna suggests it would be good that Bhim works in the house, Jija Bai orders Rama to tell Bhim what to do, and then she says he should go out to teach, Bhim demands her to tell the work, Rama informs she cleans the utensils, Bhim tries to do it but Rama says would Bhim do this sort of work, Bhim replies that if he cannot even do the work of his own house then what is the point of it, Bhim informs Rama is the one who has been teaching everyone so she should be praised for it while he will do all of the work as being Rama, Bhim picks the utensils, Jija Bai says this is why people say women should remain in the house because if they go out then turn men to be like them, Meera replies this is the beauty of the relation of husband and wife and when the husband does not have any problem then what is wrong with it, Meera Bua asks Rama to go and teach like Bhim, then Bhim also smiles at Jija Bai before walking away.

The police officer says that even the plan of last night failed so informs he is very scared, Khulkrani Sahab says that he has invited a lot of senior officers and if the students pass the exams then they would be humiliated. Shishupal comes out when Shamla hands him the food to eat at the chawl while she is going to find some work, Meghnath says he has tried all to stop Shishupal but was not able to do anything and to stop him, Khulkrani Sahab says that they should put Shishupal in jail when the police officer asks how would they do it, Khulkrani Sahab suggests they should instigate him to the extent that he slaps a police officer, the senior police officer calls Shishupal as the follower of Bhim saying that he is ruining the image of their class in the society, the officer says he will surely end Bhim Rao as he has a lot of guns because only then would Rama Bai become a widow.

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