Atal 5th July 2024 Written Update

Atal 5th July 2024 Written Update by MA

Atal 5th July 2024 Written Episode

The episode starts with KM encouraging girls to fight for their rights and never give up. Once she leaves, Saraswati frightens the girls that if they attend panchayath’s debate with Atal, there is a possibility that one of the girl’s father feel humiliated and kill his daughter, maybe they will be humiliated so much that they won’t feel like living. Girl asks if she is frightening them. Saraswati says she is just describing the consequences and continue to frighten them.

Next day, panchayath is organised. Everyone wait for Atal. Tomar taunts that Atal invited them all and himself is missing, he got afraid and is wasting panchayath’s time. Sushila apologises Panchayath members and requests to forgive arrogant and stubborn Atal. Atal walks in with the girls holding Lord Ram’s statue. He establishes idol on a table and asks panchayath members why should girls study. Panchayath says since centuries, girls are not allowed to study.

Atal gives an example of Sri Ram’s mother kaykayi who met king Dasharath during devasur sangram/battle and her parents taught taught her to fight. Tomar asks if he will teach the girls to fight. Atal says it was shastra vidya/weaponery in that era and shastra vidya/knowledge in this era.

Panchyath says he can’t compare that era to this era. Atal gives example of women doctors, lawyers, and educationists who left their home to study and made their country proud. He asks if their names are taken with shame or pride. He continues his justification. Drama continues…

Precap: Girls join Atal’s agitation and confront panchayat to let them also study.
Tomar says it will never happen. King’s aide walks in.
Atal asks him to inform the king that Tomar is against girl’s education.

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