Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 6th June 2024 Written Update

Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 6th June 2024 Written Update by Sona

Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 6th June 2024 Written Episode

Garesh tells Meghnath he came from the city and found out that Meghnath is the most powerful person so informs that his daughter Sadhna has ran away with a boy from lower class who have gone to a Chawl and someone saved him, Meghnath asks the name of the person so is told he is Bhim Rao, Meghnath replies he knew Bhim Rao would be the one to get involved in every such thing, Garesh requests Meghnath to get his daughter separated from Alekh, Meghnath asks if someone knows how to use a gun one of them says he has worked in the army for a few days, Meghnath asks them to wait for a while then Meghnath goes into his house from where he brings a big gun asking them to kill the one named Alekh with it and end the problem once and for all, the people leave while Meghnath says if Bhim Rao tries to interfere then they should even kill him, Meghnath sends them all away while smiling thinking that Bhim Rao might even die with Alekh.

Bhim says how he knows it would not be easy but will fight so they can go and make a new life, Shoba asks if it is easy as her sister came but what happened, Bhim says whatever happened but they cannot decide what to do in the present, the people are walking towards the Chawl holding the gun and reaching the door prepare to shoot. Rama tells Shoba that if they win after which people would not run from the wedding, they are unaware that the family members of Sadhna are preparing to shoot Alekh, Bhim goes back to Alekh and taking the ticket tears it into pieces, seeing which even Alekh and Sadhna are stunned. Bhim says he will take them to the police station from where they would get safety as law is the biggest secure place for them. Jija Bai requests them to stop them all but Bhim says nothing would happen to anyone as he is not going to allow it. Bhim taking the hand of Alekh asks him to come while the Peron prepares to fire at them with the gun, Bhim is walking towards them but just then someone manages to stop the person from shooting, they all get shocked only to realize that the person is Shishupal who is looking furiously at them all. Shishupal is able to pull the gun asking how can they kill him when the person says Bhim managed to stop them while this person saved him today, they say it is a crime to marry someone from the upper class. Bhim asks Shishupal to come as they need to get security from law, Ramji says they should even take the person and the gun with them so they all walk away.

Phuliya tells Shoba that she has started doing dramas even bigger then Bhim and who knows she might have asked her brother to come saying Bhim can handle everything, Phuliya says they have even started learning so who knows they might have sent the letter, Bala says Bhim is the biggest idiot and thinks eh can do it all, Ramji says Bhim does not get afraid from anything either the situation or people, Jija Bai replies Bhim might die like this, Rama says she feels people would celebrate the birthday of her husband even after his death, she walks away.

Meghnath wonders where are them all as they have taken his gun and he desires to hear the news of Bhim Rao’s death, Shamla coming says it will not happen as his own son Shishupal has gone to save hi,, Meghnath says that one can not always save the person and who knows that Bhim might have died today, Shamla asks him to look as he would get the answer, the person coming says that someone came and saved Bhim and Alekh while have now even taken his men with the gun to the police station so Meghnath should come as he would know someone, Shamla tells Meghnath that the one who saved Bhim is his own son, Meghnath angrily leaves for the police station while Shamla gets worried.

Rama is cooking when Karuna comes asking from where did she learn, Rama questions about what so Karuna sitting says when the husband is in problem even then she is cutting the lady fingers and gets ready to go to her work, while they are talking about the death of her husband but she is not bothered and instead gives a befitting reply so from where does she get all the courage, either from education or stubbornness, saying she would cry if she hears anything bad about her husband but Rama is not bothered by anything and so demands her to say something however Rama keeps cutting the vegetable, Karuna says Rama is not bothered by anything neither gets affected so Karuna walks away, Rama then says she feels pain and even gets emotional, Jija Bai standing at the door thinks that Rama acts as if she is strong outside but is crying when she is alone, she laughs thinking if Rama and Bhim remain like this then she would keep smiling.

Bhim says that there is a case in which they need his support, Bhim informs that Alekh and Sadhna are in love but belong to different classes.

Meghnath goes to the senior saying that he warned the people of the Chawl yesterday so the officer asks what do they desire from him, Meghnath says they should put the boy in jail and then return the daughter to them, the father of Sadhna says they are going to cut the girl in a lot of pieces so the officer leaves with them.

Bhim says the officer should say if anything happens to either of them then the father of the girl would be responsible and Shishupal says even his father should be made responsible when the senior officer enters, he orders the officer to put Alekh behind bars when Bhim says in what case then the officer says that it is the police station and they donot hear anything as he made the girl run away, but Sadhna says that she came with Alekh by herself, the officer orders the officer to leave and sort out the problem in the market, Bhim says they should only provide justice according to the law here, but the officer replies that it is good Bhim came here as now his belief would be broken that they get justice in the police station, he asks the father to take his daughter away while orders to put Alekh behind bars, Bhim Rao is worried.

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