Mehndi Wala Ghar 6th June 2024 Written Update

Mehndi Wala Ghar 6th June 2024 Written Update by Amena

Mehndi Wala Ghar 6th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mauli and Rahul seeing each other and crying. Do pal…. Plays… They think of their moments. Manoj says you can call me if there is anything. Akshay hugs him and says I will miss you a lot, don’t go. Manoj consoles him. He says I won’t take 25 years to come back again, I will come soon. Jyoti apologizes to Mauli and hugs her. Janki caresses her bahus. Manoj says Papa, I spoke to your doctor, take these medicines from now. Nanhe says just speak to the entire family once a week. Manoj says I will speak every day. Everyone prays together. Rati says we shall leave for the airport now. Mauli gives the mehendi leaves to Rahul and asks him to apply the mehendi to Rati. Vijay says you are very sensible, I pray for your happiness. Everyone leaves in the cars. Akshay cries. Jyoti consoles him. He says they are leaving. Jyoti says they can’t leave their own world. Akshay says I don’t want to become elder, I m the youngest. She asks him to stop them. He asks how, its tough. She says you can just call them. He asks what shall I do. Akshay makes a video call to his brothers and emotionally asks them to come back.

He shows Janki waiting for her sons at the door. They all get emotional and cry seeing Akshay crying. Ajanta says its normal, give them some time, they will get habitual to stay alone. Vijay cries. Tanvi asks are you fine. Rahul comes and says lets go, its time for departure. Ajay cries. Jyoti prays to Ram ji for the family union. Akshay waits for them. He says I wish they had come back home. Nanhe cries. Hari and Janki see him and get sad. Hari hugs Nanhe. Golu says the temple is decorated well, Jhanki will be leaving now. Janki misses her Bahus. They cry. Janki makes the laddoos. The sons come back home and get the Ram idol. Janki is surprised seeing them back. She sees the family back. Akshay recalls Ajay’s call. Vijay says we have come back forever. Janki asks sure. He says yes. Janki asks how did you come back. Manoj says Akshay has called us, Mauli isn’t here, she has gone to Mumbai, she wanted to focus on her career, I think she will come back soon. Vijay says yes, Rahul has gone to London, he will stay alone for some time and come back in a few days. Janki thinks its good if Rahul and Mauli stay alone. Jyoti prays.

Rahul, Rati and Rohit check in the hotel and hear the flights getting cancelled. Rahul asks for a room. The lady says there is no room available. Rati says Rahul is my fiancé, we got engaged yesterday, we look good together, right. He says there isn’t any need to tell this to everyone. He sees someone and says Mauli… He goes to check. He sees the lady and says sorry. He thinks I m missing her a lot. Rati sees Mauli coming to the same hotel and worries.

Precap: Rahul and Mauli dance in the rain. Zara sa jhoom…. Plays… Mauli says I love you so much, Rahul. He smiles.

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