Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 8th July 2024 Written Update

Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 8th July 2024 Written Update by Sona

Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 8th July 2024 Written Episode

Shishupal warns the officer to not even say another word against as it would not be good, the inspector throws the water at him which angers Shishupal a lot, the officer replies he can do anything and then Shishupal says he is going to show it right now but Shamla stops him saying what would happen by fighting, the officer starts laughing at him which angers Shishupal a lot who vows to not leave him, he hands the belongings to Shamla while the officer is smiling.

Bhim brings out the pots when Ramji stops him asking why is he taking them, Bhim replies he is going to do all the work of Rama, Ramji asks who told him to do it, Jija Bai coming out says she is the one who said it, Ramji vows to not let her get away hearing which everyone gathers at the main area, Ramji furiously starts walking holding the milk in his hands, Shishupal is also furiously walking in the same manner seeing which Meghnath thinks that today Shishupal would not be allowed to leave like this, Shamla is worried seeing the situation develop. Bhim also stops his father from being furious saying it would only cause trouble Ramji says Jija Bai cannot make him do the work and so throws them all, Bhim asks his father to remember his first wife Bimma Bai as she would say that there is no difference if the work is done by man or women, the officer replies he is surely going to teach Bhim a lesson after all this ends. Shamla requests Shishupal to let it go but he replies he is going to teach him a lesson, Shishupal hugs the officer tightly seeing which both Meghnath and Khulkrani are shocked, Shishupal is smiling asking if the officer had this in mind that he will fight and they will arrest him but it is that he has started to understand their plans and they all were acting today so he hugged them, but if they do anything with Bhim and Rama then the revenge would be taken in another manner. Shishupal walks away after taking his bag followed by Shamla, the officer tells Meghnath that his son is very clever and they will surely be defeated but Khulkrani says they must think of another plan however first have to drink some tea.

Bhim says the thoughts of anyone should not change and every Guru used to say that they are like wet mud which should not be allowed to change with the situations as then who knows it might cause troubles, Ramji says that then what Bhim is saying is true however Bhim replies he Baba was not angry then he would not be bothered by him cleaning the dishes, Ramji says Bhim can do whatever he desires as he is just eager to work for right or wrong and is not bothered by who is standing in front of him, Ramji angrily leaves after asking Meera to make tea for everyone, Bhim then starts picking the pots from the floor, Shishupal is also shocked to see it so Bhim asks Rama to start teaching, Shishupal agrees they must start teaching explaining they will first start learning counting as for the examination they must know the counting till fifty, Bhim sits down to start cleaning the dishes, Rama is teaching the counting to the women while Shishupal is doing the same with the men, Rama notices how Bhim does not have any tension and is working with a smile on his face, she gets a bit emotional before starting to teach again but her attentions keeps turning to Bhim, the women also notice it.

Meghnath is having tea with the officer and Khulkrani who suddenly says he got the solution so says they are going to go to the chawl where everyone would be studying, Meghnath asks if the are going to see them study but Khulkrani says something else.

Ramji replies he is so angry but even what Bhim was saying is true, Bhim then brings tea for both Puran and Ramji but he says that Bhim must not think about trying to calm him down as he will get furious if someone behaves in this manner. Bhim sitting by his side asks him to give his hand, he then starts rubbing his hand saying that if this hand had not held him then would he be able to talk about principles in front of everyone explaining Ramji is his strength and they need to take care of anyone who tries to be successful, thinking this is what is needed and necessary, so asks how can he not care for his father while he will do it as Bhim Rao is not just about truth and principles but even his son who has a soft side too and due to which he loves him a lot. Ramji says Bhim can convince anyone with his words, Puran says those whom they consider their own and feel bad if they tend to leave then they are the ones whom one tries to cheer up, Bhim says the tea is getting cold so Ramji starts drinking it while smiling at Bhim.

Jija Bai says that Bhim has really cleaned the pots well, Karuna says this means Bimma Bai has taught him how to clean the pots, Meera Bua says that she is her real mother in law, Jija Bai asks what does Meera Bua mean that she is fake, Bhim coming asks what does he have to do next, Jija Bai says he should make two dishes but Meera Bua suggests he must make rice as the other dish would take longer to make, Jija Bai and Karuna start taunting them.

Shishupal and Rama are teaching when Meghnath furiously enters the chawl calling to Jokhu, Bhim wonders why did they return, Jija Bai stops him saying everyone should get the food on time but he said he would follow the character of someone else and should be like Rama, Meera Bua says that Jija Bai is going way out of hand, Karuna leaves with Meera Bua followed by Jija Bai and then Bhim recalls how he vowed to do the work of Rama.

Meghnath says he felt bad after going back home in the morning and so thought about returning, the students say that he has come to cause hindrance in their education so they start studying again seeing which Meghnath gets furious.

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