Pukaar 8th July 2024 Written Update

Pukaar 8th July 2024 Written Update by Sona

Pukaar 8th July 2024 Written Episode

Rageshwari assures she would be able to manage everything as she is not a normal women but Rageshwari Maheshwari, she is stunned to see how she covered the portrait of Gautham with the red color, Rageshwari starts screaming hearing which Degvijay enters the room so Rageshwari points to the wall talking of Gautham but Degvijay says there is just color, Rageshwari informs they have to surely take care of the girl Vedika, Suphedra also comes asking what happened but Degvijay says that maa just got worried due to the color, Degvijay sends Suphedra away while he takes Rageshwari with him.

Sagar asks Miss Sharma to be careful and even points at the speed breaker but Vedika does not listen an they both are about to fall however Sagar asks if she is fine, Vedika keeps looking at him and is not able to say anything, they both get shocked with the whistle of the Inspector and then ask what is going on. The inspector realizes they both are the same couple from the car and says they have come out for the romance so says he does not feel they are married, Vedika replies that she is surely married to him, when then Vedika informs that they did not pay the EMI of the car so the bank took it and they were about to fall from the speed breaker so her husband was just holding her hand, she says she is his wife and can even kiss him, Inspector is shocked, Vedika mentions that she knows the inspector would not believe it but they have been married for the past three or four years, Sagar keeps looking at Vedika who is trying to give the excuses to the inspector, Vedika is stunned looking at him and gets nervous, inspector whistles again saying he believed they both are husband and wife so should go to enjoy, Sagar says good bye then they leave in the scooty. Sagar says that Vedika has crossed his personal space when Vedika replies she does not know what happened, Sagar informs she kissed him without his consent, Vedika sees how Sagar is smiling sitting at the back seat. Vedika replies it is not funny and she came to drop him so late at night as he helped her parents.

Degvijay asks how did Maa get trapped by that girl and went to the office, he advises her to have her medicine but Rageshwari says she is not a normal women and will take care of that girl. Degvijay gives her the medicine, Rageshwari informs she cannot be defeated as she is Rageshwari Maheshwari, she asks why is Degvijay looking at her like this so should leave as she is fine, Degvijay walks out of the room, Rageshwari is trembling and then sits on her bed drinking the water, she recalls how Vedika threatened her saying she knows who ordered Dayal jee to cause the accident, Rageshwari hears the sound of the scooty so walks to see Sagar getting off from the scooty of Vedika who is apologizing but then he kisses er on the cheek, she looks shocked at him when he apologizes explaining he does not take a loan from anyone. Sagar enters into the Maheshwari Mansion while Vedika is shocked, Rageshwari thinks what she feared is happening and Vedika has planned it after a lot of thought so she has to do something.

Vedika enters her house while only thinking about Sagar kissed her on the cheek and she starts smiling thinking about it, wondering why is it happening to her, she tries to think of a section and wonders why is she forgetting the sections of the IPC, she is stunned when the lights turn on.

Rageshwari sitting coughing when her daughters enters but is shocked seeing her condition so calls Degvijay saying Maa is having a heart attack but Lali says she is having a heart attack, Degvijay says he asked her to not take tensions, Rageshwari says Vedika came outside and she saw Sagar and Vedika together, Lali shows the video of Sagar kissing Vedika, Degvijay is about to break the phone, Lali says this is why she recorded it as he would not believe, Degvijay vows to kill her but Rageshwari threatens that he has done a lot wrong and the one he killed twenty years ago, Lali asks who did Bhai kill twenty years ago, Rageshwari is worried.

Saraswathi is holding the pen in her hands asking if Gautham can see that she took out the pen to sign something which she has been able to do due to Vedika, informing she is just like him as today Vedika is teaching her to fly once again, and she has agreed to reveal the truth behind his death once and for all, Saraswathi says when Vedika is by her side then she does not feel lonely meaning both Vedika and Koyal are very nice however different from each other, one of them is calm and composed while the other is bold and she has started to become the old Saraswathi whom he adored so much, the women runs away.

Vedika is shocked seeing the video from the boy who says she kissed Sagar, Vedika replies he took the photo which is wrong, Vedika tries to explain that she was just talking to him but the boy does not listen then the mother asks the reason, Vedika tries to assures she has not done anything of the sort, Kishori Lal says it should not be right to trust Maheshwari.

Lali asks who did Bhai kill Rageshwari says there was a loyal dog whom he killed, Lali asks if he means her rocky, Rageshwari agrees saying Rocky was doing a lot of weird things and Degvijay had him killed then Lali asks what is the connection between them both, Rageshwari asks Lali to go and rest while they would talk later.

Rageshwari asks why is Degvijay standing here and she is fine so would not die so soon, Degvijay walks out of the room when Rageshwari goes to close the door, she thinks they cannot kill the girl but have to do something as till now only Saraswathi was impressed but even Sagar is leaning towards her, she thinks she would not accept that Sagar starts loving that girl. Rageshwari goes to his photo.

Sagar in the room comes in front of the mirror where he sees the mark of Vedika’s kiss, Rageshwari mentions Sagar is their weak spot and the girl cannot take advantage of it by using their Sagar for her own benefits, Rageshwari vows to throw all of things dear to Vedika in fire.

Precap: Rageshwari says she was just calling him when Pandit jee replies he has not come for her, Saraswathi reveal she called him here, Rageshwari wonders how did she get so much strength, Saraswathi says she desired to hold the pooja when Rageshwari asks how will it happen, Vedika entering the Mansion assures ti can happen, Saraswathi says she is just praying they catch the murderer of Gautham Vedika hugging Saraswathi assures it will surely happen.

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