Ek Nayee Ummeed – Roshni 30th October 2015 Written Update

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Ek Nayee Ummeed – Roshni 30th October 2015 Written Update by Amena

Ek Nayee Ummeed – Roshni 30th October 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Roshni talking to Rajat and Mona. Mona says Roshni lacks experience, we shall talk this matter in board meeting rather than discussing at home. She goes. Nick tells Roshni that hospital staff feels she is bets replacement for Sameer, and sings Tum hi ho for her…. He holds her hand and flirts with her. She says fine, the line was not so bad and goes to change. Parvati drops Doodle at home. He thanks her. She says its fine. He asks her to come and have tea.

Doodle gets her inside home. Nick asks him what happened. Parvati tells all details and Nick says superb, then what happened, how did you both come home. He gives her tea. She says she dropped him and goes. Nick and Roshni laugh and tease Doodle. Roshni says Parvati is very cute.

Its morning, Mona addresses everyone in the board meeting. Rajat says we want to discuss about Sameer’s replacement. The board members give their opinion. Mona asks them to vote. Rajat gives his vote to Roshni when his vote was the final one to decide. Mona argues with him as he prefers his family here. They have a heated argument over choosing Roshni. He says lets be civil, we will talk later and goes to Roshni.

Roshni asks him what happened, did Mona say anything, is she annoyed, I felt this after meeting. He asks did she congratulate you. She says its fine. He says she is not understanding I m not partial. Roshni asks him does he trust her professionally too. He says yes, I worry for this hospital, I trust you because of your talent, you have best qualities of Nanu and mom, that’s why I support you. I will not play with this hospital’s future. She thanks him.

He says Mona kept burden on me. She says Mona is competent, and thinks for this hospital, she will understand slowly, talk to her with love. Don’t walk out like this, I know you. He says he is CEO here. She asks him to go and convince Mona. He says he will make the hospital biggest and its her responsibility to make it best. She nods.

Nick and Doodle talk that they will have to help Roshni in the diagnostic team. Nick says Roshni does not need experience. Doodle says yes, fresh approach is good, experience can be rigid. Parvati comes there and smiles.

Nick says Doodle was praising you. Doodle says no, we were discussing about fresh and experienced approach. She tells an instance how she has done right diagnosis. They laugh. Nick says impressive. She says I feel both things are critical and continues talking. Nick and Doodle look at each other. They divert her.

Pintu comes to meet Sharad and tells the work to bring good clients and deals for Leela hospital. He says he can meet the man whom he got to meet with Mona. He asks Sharad to meet the doctor, he has come, I will just receive him. Sharad asks him to be careful, just Sameer has gone, Roshni did not go. Pintu asks him not to worry. They laugh.

Sharad tells Malhotra that Pintu and he will ruin him. Sharad gives the kidney stealing case notice to Rajat and Mona. Rajat scolds Pintu and asks him to get lost. Pintu says if you trap me, even you won’t be saved.

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