Tashan-e-Ishq 30th October 2015 Written Update

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Tashan-e-Ishq 30th October 2015 Written Update by Atiba

Tashan-e-Ishq 30th October 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Anita brings a businessman/share broker Mr. Sandhu to Manohar’s house, she says that he will tell you all where is Ishan, Sandhu says Anita is right, i kidnapped Ishan, i am a Sandhu, give and take is my policy and those who cheat me and doesnt give me back my money like Manohar, i take these steps to teach them lesson, Kunj says to Sandhu that you took risk of putting a kid in danger and you call yourself Sandhu ? Sandhu says i never wanted to hurt Ishan, i just wanted to teach Manohar lesson that he should take me lightly, this Manohar is a cheat, Kunj says dont lie, Sandhu says i am not lying, this Manohar is a cheat and is not rich, he took a huge loan from me, when i asked him to return the money then he didnt answer me so i had to kidnap Ishan, Kunj ask Manohar if this is true? Anita says Manohar is standing silently this proves that Sandhu is saying right, Manohar is bankrupt and now his family will come on roads, we should not put blame on Manohar as everything was till Twinkle came in this as Daughter in law so she is unlucky for this, she has brought Manohar’s family on road, Leela says stop all this, she ask Manohar to shut this Anita and Sandhu and tell them truth, Anita says truth is that Manohar is not rich but poor, you challenged me that you will marry your daughter in a rich family but she has become part of beggar family, you have destroyed your daughter’s life with your hands, Kunj says i wont let anyone be destroyed in this house, every family faces problems but we will stand united and will face and sail it through, he says to Sandhu that give us some time, we will return your money, Sandhu says i have given you enough time, Kunj says i can give you some savings now but we need time to pay off loan, Sandhu says that fine, i am giving you sometime but if you fail to return my loan then your wife will be in trouble next, Kunj says i wont let that happen, Sandhu leaves, Usha says to Kunj that you saved money for higher studies, you wanted to go to Oxford, Kunj says this money will help my family to solve problems so i will give my savings, Anita says to Kunj that you can give big promises but how will you fulfill it? how will you get so much money? she says to Leela that now your daughter is wife of beggar husband, what will you do? Leela says its just way of thinking, what i am seeing is that Kunj has guts to take stand for his family and take challenges and he is diamond for my daughter, Anita says lets be practical, we need to see how Twinkle will cope up with poverty, how she will survive it, best of luck, she leaves, Leela comes to Kunj and says dont worry, God will set everything right, dont lose hope, Kunj nods, Leela glances at Twinkle, she greets everyone and leaves.
Leela comes out of house and cries, she says to Raman that why all this is happening with Twinkle? its not her age to bear all this, i raised her up like princess, i found a Prince for him but everything changed in a blink, why this is happening with my daughter? how will she bear all this, she cries, Raman ask her to not worry and have faith in God, they Leave.
Kunj ask Manohar that why he hide all this? he should have told them about loan thing, Usha says this is all happening because of Twinkle, from the time she has come in our lives everything is going wrong, first attack on you then Ishan’s kidnapping and now this loan thing, Anita was right this girl is unlucky and can only bring destruction to our house, Twinkle feels bad listening this, Kunj says please these are old thoughts and you know i dont believe in all this, Usha says i am saying truth, everything was fine and now she has come in our house and everything is going wrong, Kunj says we cant have loss in business suddenly, it was going on from years but we got to know about it now, dont say this unlucky thing again, he ask Manohar to speak up, he should not bear all this alone, Manohar says shut up, you will tell me how to do business? i took decisions in business for my family so that you all have luxury life style, i gave you house like palace, cars everything, i am Manohar Sarna, i have standard in society and i took one wrong step so you are questioning me? Kunj says i am not questioning, i just want to help you, atleast trust me i am your son, Manohar says i dont need your help, i know how to deal with this problem and how to come out of it, you will not question me again and will not get involved in all this, he leaves, Twinkle comes to Kunj to show support to him but Kunj ask her to leave him alone for sometime, he leaves, Twinkle is sad.

Scene 2
Usha says to Kunj that everything is finished in minutes, this house, your father’s business, everything is lost and you may not agree but this is all happening because of that Twinkle, day after tomorrow is Karwachauth and i am sure she wont fast for you as she has modern thoughts, when rituals are not followed then this brings unluck to house, Kunj says what are you saying? we got loss in business, it has nothing to do with Twinkle, we have to think how to come out of all this, i dont care if she fasts for me not not, it doesnt matter, now stop talking about unluck etc, he leaves, Twinkle has listened their conversation from far, she thinks that Uusha thinks i cant fast but i will keep this fast for my husband and will prove myself as good daughter in law.

PRECAP- Twinkle ask Kunj to sleep for sometime, he will feel better, Kunj says we dont even know if we will see tomorrow’s sunrise in this house or not, i just hope we dont lose this house. In morning, bulldozer comes to destroy Manohar’s house, someone pushes Manohar away, Manohar falls down.

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