Ek Nayee Ummeed – Roshni 6th November 2015 Written Update

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Ek Nayee Ummeed – Roshni 6th November 2015 Written Update by Amena

Ek Nayee Ummeed – Roshni 6th November 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dr. Kamal talking to a patient and suggesting some process. The patient gets convinced and agrees for the costly process. Dr. Kamal fools him and smiles. Parvati comes late and apologizes to Doodle. Doodle says its fine. They check a patient and treat him. She notices Doodle with specs, and says this mature look suits him. He thanks her. Nick comes to Roshni. They have a talk about surgeries and Malhotra’s case. She says she will tell him everything.

Pintu gets a client’s call for a kidney. He calls Malhotra and asks him to arrange a kidney. Malhotra laughs. Nick and Doodle talk about Anand’s video, its problem and they have to do something. Its morning, Nick comes to Malhotra. Nick says he will do this kidney operation, just get matching donor, no one will doubt on me, don’t worry. Malhotra gets thinking and smiles.

Mona says good news, we got 4 cases after hiring Dr. Kamal. Rajat says I m thinking profit and ethics are like opposite poles, can’t we keep them together. She says we can, but we have to hide everything behind profits, even crime. He says you sometimes scare me. She says unfortunately, this is my work.

Rajat says we are still taking Pintu’s services even after the legal case. She says well, we need him, we are helpless. Rajat says I hate this situation. Nick talks to Roshni and says one last surgery. Malhotra calls Nick. Nick says I m coming right away and goes to meet Malhotra. He asks whats the emergency. Malhotra tells the kidney demand, and Nick laughs with him. They shake hands. Roshni asks staff for the reports of Dr. Kamal’s patients. She gets shocked and goes to meet Rajat. Nick asks her about Anuradha’s response. Roshni says no response. He says she is busy lawyer, we should follow her. He says Parvati is after Doodle and goes.

Parvati gives tea to Doodle and says the surgery was tiring. She asks about Dandiya, as he is Gujarati. Parvati asks him to teach her Dandiya. Doodle smiles and says I don’t know playing dandiya. She says we can try in Dandiya competition. Roshni goes to Rajat and asks about Dr. Kamal, she has checked the files, he is doing treatments in 20-25% blockages, is Dr. Kamal doing unethical. Mona says Dr. Kamal knows it better. Roshni argues. Rajat asks Roshni not to bring morality in every way, we have to earn some how. Roshni says fine, make money, this is disgusting. Mona says if Kishore is not here, till when will we talk about his ethics. Roshni says we are talking as morals are important, Kishore is not here, but we are his grandchildren, our work will affect our family honor, I don’t want any more legal notice, the money we earn would go in fighting the cases to save our respect then…

Malhotra says he trusts Nick. Nick asks for more commission. Malhotra says no one will doubt us if Nick does this operation.

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