Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 11th September 2019 Written Update

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 11th September 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 11th September 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rivaaj writhing with stomach pain and thinks this pain will not go easily. Mayura says sorry to baby and says whenever I tried to make you meet your mum, something happened and I couldn’t fulfill my promise. She promises Khanak that she will make her meet her mamma soon. She keeps the baby in the cradle. Rivaaj hears sitting in his room. He thinks why did she call herself as Khanak’s maasi and thinks how is this possible as I killed Rani with my hand. She sees the spy mobile and says you don’t have maa, but maa jaisi maasi. Rivaaj thinks my sleep got ruined because of this and thinks he will not leave Mayura.

Premlatha gets Tashi’s call and asks how is she? Tashi asks her to see her house and shows her room on video call. Premlatha says it is less

than the store room and asks her to return. Tashi says she will not return. Roop hears them and breaks the tea cup and then scolds Tashi for keeping it there. Premlatha scolds him. Tashi ends the call. Premlatha thinks to go and bring her back. Roop asks Tashi to be careful.
Mayura brings Rivaaj spy laptop to his room and thinks she won’t let him know that she is Rani so soon and will take revenge for many people’s sacrifices.

Tashi gets up from sleep in the morning and thinks although she is born in a rich house, but knows her responsibility and thinks to make breakfast for everyone before Roop gets up.

Mayura comes out of door and collides with Rivaaj. He says I am your husband and asks where was you all night. Mayura says Khanak couldn’t sleep so I slept with her. He says I have to be like her mother. Rivaaj says what about wife’s duties and says I needed you. Mayura asks if he is alright? Rivaaj says if you sleep in baby’s room then people will laugh on our marriage and asks her to come to room. Mayura thinks why Rivaaj’s mum didn’t do any drama till now, my plan can’t go waste. She thinks she can’t go back. Rivaaj thinks he will try to be closer to her and get to know the truth. He asks her to go first and says I love woman a lot. Mayura thinks Rivaaj misbehaving with Rani. Premlatha comes there and says just now she made the room sacred by doing puja, says Mayura can’t go now. Rivaaj says I don’t agree to this. Premlatha tells Mayura that she got her stuff kept back in your old room and asks her to keep fast for Navratri 9 days. Mayura says ok and thinks she helped her unknowingly. Rivaaj says I don’t agree. Mayura asks him not to worry and says they will be together after 9 days.

Tashi checks the water tap and calls Roop, says there is no water. Kesha comes there and asks what is her problem? Roop says I closed the water tap and says I will hurt her a lot so that she will go back to her, luxurious house and will forget about poverty life. Tashi comes out of bathroom wiping her face with towel.

Mayura gets a call from her helper and he tells her that he couldn’t locate Ram and says he might be dead. She says Ram can’t be dead and scolds him. She ends the call and thinks Ram left home and then the Police arrested him. She comes out and collides with Premraj. Premraj says she is very fast. Mayura says she is going to temple to pray for Rivaaj. Premraj asks her to go and finds Mayura’s pendant there. he thinks to give it to Rivaaj.

Mayura comes to the place and asks the lady about the police station. The lady says there was no PS here. Mayura asks another guy. He says may be filmy set was set here. Mayura thinks it was Rivaaj’s plan and thinks where to search Ram.

Precap: Mayura thinks to search Ram anyhow and thinks Durga Maa will help me. Rivaaj keeps eye on her. Mayura opens the door and asks what he is doing hidingly. Rivaaj sees burnt mark on her shoulder and gets doubtful.

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