Paramavatar Shri Krishna 10th September 2019 Written Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 10th September 2019 Written Update by Tanaya

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 10th September 2019 Written Episode

The episode starts with karan’s mother seeing him depressing comes to explain him about not to feel bad of guru drone by you getting depressed & to end your goal of life. She is telling him that to not to make me depressed too so he says I am not doing that so she explains him there must be some other guru so he tells her there is no other bigger than him then too she insists that as I may not be so knowledgeable but there must be somebody who must have taught guru drone & he must have also learnt from somebody who is bigger than him & from whom you can also learn so he becomes alert thinking this & he is very happy hugging his mother for thanking her to show him the path.

He leaves & meets asking rishiwar that where he will find lord parshuram &

rishiwar tells him I do not know but i feel he stays on mahendragiri mountain but to be aware as not just human but no lives can reach till there so he tells rishiwar that difficult path to face is my life & leaves happily for thinking to search lord parshuram by taking rishiwar’s blessings.
Krishna is saying you said the truth karna as simple ways don’t make people reach till gods & you are not going there to search bow & arrow teacher but himself as I am only parshurma & parshuram myself as we are both vasudev.

Karna runs happily of thinking to search lord parshuram seeing various nature & god given gifts of water falls from mountains thinking mahendragiri mountain?

Guru drone is teaching his students details of divyastra weapons by whom, what & how it is used. All such weapons are acquired very devotionally & whoever uses this in dedication is blessed by god & tells them he becomes able warrior to handle such weapons so I’ll teach you one by one about all weapons by starting first weapon as varunastra. Guru drone shoots arrow from his bow in the sea & sea blows very heavily & by seeing this all students get surprised so dooryodhan comes asking drone what we have to do to acquire this weapon so he tells him to first bring calmness within selves.

Guru drone gives all a task saying that see with your open eyes that there is pot kept in front of you & the first one in the morning who brings water from that sea only & fills this pot completely is liable to get divyastra. All are thinking & Arjun is concentrating on this task.

Arjun’s elder brother yudhishtir is explaining all his brothers how to tackle this task of acquiring weapons & also tells them that Arjun can think about task on his own but you all have to take utmost care & he leaves from there. All other brothers are joking with bhim on his food eating habits.

Dooryodhan is cursing his brothers talking with his brother dushyasan that look how yudhishtir is teaching his brothers how to acquire weapons & here our brothers are getting ready to sleep but we have to acquire these weapons anyhow & dushyasan is giving dooryodhan support by explaining about his powers which can acquire 10 to 15 weapons on his own. Dooryodhan sees ahyathama & gives dushyasan tips saying enemy’s enemy is our friend & he plans in his mind of tomorrows task as they feel happy about as all other brothers are happy thinking they are big in numbers so they will only win this task.

Arjun & yudhishtir are thinking deeply how to tackle the task of tomorrow morning.

All are sleeping at night with those thoughts.

Krishna is roaming around all of them seeing pandavas, Arjun, Gauravas, dooryodhan & also finally karna sleeping & he keeps smiling.

Karna gets up suddenly & goes towards his mother father as he puts flowers on their feet & takes blessings saying in his mind that once I have failed you but not this time as your son will definitely make impossible things possible & I promise you this that from lord parshuram I will learn & then only will I return.

Guru drone tells his helpers that it is early morning so give signal to all for waking up & as helper blows shank Arjun & all wake up while gauravas are talking that you all know what we had planned.

Karna is running towards his goal by passing from all kinds of water falls & hurdles seeing huge mountains around.

Precap: Dushyashan is telling dooryodhan by sitting here how we will win all weapons so he tells him not we but only me. Krishna says this is what happens when evil thinking comes & dooryodhan was doing the same thing as his evil thinking started from gurukul & ended in kurukshetra.

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