Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 28th August 2019 Written Update

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 28th August 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 28th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rivaaj thinking he can’t hack the CCTV for long and thinks if she is caught. Kesha comes to the captive room and asks him not to think her weak, says I am your Kesha. She gives him projector and camera. Rivaaj asks her to leave and says I will call you if needed. She goes. Rivaaj ties himself and records himself as captive in the camera. He then thinks to make his image using projector screen on the CCTV. He says you want to captive Rivaaj, laughs and says technology is wonderful. He says whoever is thinking, I am captive will see the same and says this betrayal will be a gift for them. He says they might be planning and I will plan to marry Mayura, my secret wife.

Mayura wakes up in the morning and sees snoopy. Tashi comes there and says this is for you.

Mayura asks what is it? Tashi says she had bought this for Rani Bhabhi to wear in her marriage, but. Mayura asks what? Tashi says you are going to be my bhabhi and can wear this, if wanted. Mayura gets teary eyes. Tashi asks what happened? Mayura says you spoke to me for the first time with your heart. She thanks her. Tashi goes. Mayura talks to Snoopy and says she was feeling bad, wants to hug her and tell her all the truth. Tashi comes back and asks what? Mayura says that I am feeling very lucky to become your bhabhi. Tashi says if her phone is here. Roop tells Premlatha that he talked to the mehendi designer from Tashi’s hone and she is coming. He calls Kesha and asks what she is doing by acting as mehendi designer. Tashi comes and asks for her phone. Roop asks her to be careful. Premlatha asks Tashi to see if Rivaaj is ready.
Ram gets ready and compliments himself. Mayura also gets ready and thinks of Ram. Ram thinks of Mayura and smiles. Music plays……Mayura opens the door before Ram is about to knock on the door. He looks at Mayura and says you are glowing even in fake mehendi, looking real like ghee in Panjiri. Mayura asks him to keep the dialogues for films and asks him to wrap up the functions. She says she will not let Rivaaj’s name written on her hand and says his name shall be on my feet. Ram asks her to write R for Rani on her hand. Rivaaj hears from the captive room and thinks what. He then says I will ruin you when my turn comes, Ram will not know when the thunderstorm fall on him and asks Mayura to get ready to become Mrs. Rivaaj sisodia. Ram asks her to write R for Rani. Premlatha and Premraj hear him. Premlatha asks why did you take that inauspicious girl’s name and says she has ruined this house and her mayka too. Ram sees Mayura getting angry and tells that he can’t hear anything against Rani or her family. He says we have done wrong with them and tells that Rukmani is his baby’s mother and he will not hear anything against them. He asks Premlatha shall I send you teerat. Premraj says Rivaaj is talking in their favour and says once the marriage happens then…He asks her to think. Mayura thinks Ram took stand for me infront of everyone and asks her to focus.

The guest tells Premlatha that bahu is so beautiful and all Rivaaj’s heroines look dull infront of her. Premlatha gets upset. She asks Tashi if mehendi designer will come or after marriage. Tashi says she will call her. Mehendi designer comes there and says it takes time to get ready and come. She comes there with Rivaaj. Roop thinks kasha sent whom? Tashi asks Rivaaj to move her veil. Mehendi designer says she will feel bad and tells that she is dumb. Roop asks why she is tall. Mehendi designer tells that due to her height, she couldn’t marry and that’s why goes to others marriage. She comes to the bride. Rivaaj also comes to the bride and touches Mayura’s head. Mayura asks him to do the work and leave. She asks why you are wearing gloves. Mehendi designer says she wears gloves thinking alliance may not come seeing her hand.

Precap: Mayura and Ram come to the captive room and find the rope cut. Ram asks Mayura to give him chain to tie him. Rivaaj attacks him.

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