Everest 24th February 2015 Written Update

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Everest 24th February 2015 Written Update by H_Hasan

Everest 24th February 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sam and Rina talking about Ramesh and his selfish ways to win. Chand proceeds with Akash and Anjali, and says moving ahead is victory, everest teaches this, I did summit many times, I did not lose anytime, we are here by the wish of Everest. Anjali asks did everest call us here. Chand says yes, it decides who will reach the peak, we have to go ahead, and not stop even if we lose each other. He says whatever happens now, the survivor will go ahead, and stand on the peak for those who could not go ahead. They join hands.

Jagat sees the channels and looks for everest news. Sarita says its still time. Jagat says its dangerous, they don’t know to cover news, ridiculous. She says I know she will be fine. He asks how can she go, she is so close to death, she can …… she is there because of me, if she does not come back, I have sent her to die. He cries. Sarita sees his love and cries, saying she went because of you in your place, she is your daughter, why can’t she win and come.

She holds his hand and pacifies him. Rina says we should update Anjali and Akash’s parents as there is time for broadcast. Sam tries contacting Chand. Chand says the walkie battery ended, we may need help else we have to go back. Anjali asks back? Chand laughs and says sorry, I scared you both and jokes. Akash says Chand will be expedition leader next time. Anjali says don’t scare like this next time. Chand checks the ropes and says this one looks new, and attaches it.

He says wind is fast, keep your foot right and come after me. They start climbing. He asks them not to stop and the rope starts breaking. He gets blown by the wind storm. Anjali shouts Chand. Anjali too falls as they are connected by one rope. Akash shouts Anjali. Chand gets the ice rocks and gets injured.

Sarita gets Maithili’s call and says she will see news. They see the news and Rina reports that the contact is broken by the storms. Sarita sees Jagat worried. Anjali asks Chand to tie the rope, else they all will fall. Akash asks Anjali where is she. Anjali says she is down and asks him to pull them up. Chand starts bleeding. Akash says he can’t see them. Anjali asks him to do something soon, as Chand is bleeding and he got much injured.

Abhiyankar tries contacting Chand. Akash says I m coming Anjali and sees Chand dead. Akash tries saving Anjali and she says her hand is slipping. Abhiyankar tries contacting Akash and Anjali, and gets worried. He then contacts Sam and asks about any problem in wireless. Sam says its working fine. Abhiyankar says I m unable to contact any of them. Sam says there was storm indication, I will let you know when I get in touch with them. Sam contacts Anjali and does not connect.

Anjali asks Akash to get Chand. Akash asks Chand to get up

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