Faltu 23rd May 2023 Written Update

Faltu 23rd May 2023 Written Update by Amena

Faltu 23rd May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Faltu saying we can the files. She says anything can happen, try to recall where you have seen it. Ayaan says its Tanu’s Dada ji’s car, Brijbhushan drives it, he should help, he loves me, I helped him before, you go and talk to him, he will help us. She says if he had to help us, then why would he support the goons. He says no, he is sincere, he won’t do this, maybe he didn’t know about the people sitting in his cab. She says we can try, house auction is on Saturday, I want you at home before that. She goes and looks for Brijbhushan’s house. She finds his house locked and asks someone. The man says he has gone out for some days. She prays. Shanaya is with the doctor. She scolds the doctor and Daima. She says I m fed up. Daima says calm down, she comes here for your good. Shanaya says you don’t know what I feel, my dad and my dream got ruined. Daima says I understand. Doctor says I can’t handle her tantrums everyday. Shanaya asks her to leave. She says my hand will never get fine, I can never play cricket, why don’t you say this, I should have died in the accident, get away. She gets too stressed. She cries. Daima hugs her. She gives her medicines and says your brother will die if anything happens to you. Shanaya sleeps. Daima calls Ruhaan and says Shanaya is getting attacks again, come home and talk to her. He says I will come. He says I have to go home. Manager says Janardhan is coming for a meeting. Ruhaan says I had to meet him, I was waiting for this day, get Faltu’s number from lawyer. Manager calls the lawyer.

Faltu comes home. Ayesha argues with Faltu. Savita comes and scolds Ayesha for always fighting with the family. Harsh asks her to calm down. Ayesha says Faltu is her fav, she won’t be able to see anything now, she is worried for her son, she has a problem when I m worried for my child. Govind says you are thinking a lot. Ayesha argues. Harsh asks her to take care. She leaves the house.

Janardhan says I have to meet Ruhaan, his manager has called me, I have to meet him once. Faltu says I will come along. He says no, I will handle this alone, don’t worry. Kinshuk says I will come. Janardhan says no, he called only me, take care. He goes. Harsh asks everyone to pack their bags, there isn’t much time for auction. Govind says I will also pack my bags. Dadi says stay with Sumitra and Sid. He says no, I will come. Faltu gets Ruhaan’s call. Sid asks Govind not to leave them. Govind says no use to do this drama, if you cared for me, then you would have not let this happen.

He says I don’t know when you got hatred for the family. Sid says what would I do if you leave me. He hugs Govind. Govind scolds him and ends ties with him. He leaves. Sid says what shall I do that everything gets fine. Janardhan comes to Ruhaan’s office. Peon greets him. Janardhan says I didn’t think I will see someone’s name in my cabin. Faltu comes to meet Shanaya. Daima asks what are you doing here. Faltu says Ruhaan has called me, he asked me to go home and see Shanaya, he is stuck in an imp meeting. Daima says she is unwell, she has scolded the doctor a lot, don’t think she will make you her friend, else you will get hurt.

Faltu asks Ruhaan to listen to Janardhan well, he is a nice man. He says I know how to deal with cheaters. She says Janardhan and Ayaan aren’t cheaters.

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