Imlie 23rd May 2023 Written Update

Imlie 23rd May 2023 Written Update by MA

Imlie 23rd May 2023 Written Episode

A board flies towards Imlie. Atharva runs and bears it on him and rolls on the ground with Imlie. Their eyes lock. Atharva says he was calling her since long, what if something had happened to her. Imlie says that’s how she is. Atharva recalls Imlie saying same years ago. He further recalls Imlie tells Dhairya that Atharva doesn’t stay in her heart anymore. He stands up and asks her to get into the hut as its raining heavily. Imlie walks behind him. Dhairya continues to panic at the airport when Imlie doesn’t reach airport. Rudra says they are also worried for Imlie and don’t have any other option than waiting for her. He tries to comfort Devika and asks her not to worry for Imlie. Devika says she is worried as she lost her son and can’t lose Imlie, Imlie belongs to only Atharva and she can’t see her with Dhairya. Rudra says Imlie still belongs to Atharva, but Atharva belongs to Chini now.

Kairi tells Atharva that she is happy that both her parents are with her. Atharva says Imlie is not her mamma. Kairi says one who saves her is her mamma and tells god that she doesn’t have to worry now as she both her parents with her. Imlie questions Atharva why did he hide that he is alive for so many years, she couldn’t inform him that they got a daughter who also left her. She says she is tired of waiting for him since 5 years. Atharva thinks she learnt lying in 5 years and if she had really waited for him, he would have returned. Kairi asks them both to hug her. They hug her and look at each other. A sad song plays in the background. Atharva walks aside. Imlie cries hugging Kairi and asks if she is feeling afraid. Kairi says yes. Imlie says can’t hear her own voice in this huge sound, but she will not lose her voice.

Chini calls Atharva. Kairi picks call. Chini asks if she and Arto are safe. Kairi says they all 3 are safe. Chini asks if there is a third person with them. Kairi says princess mamma. Chini thinks they can’t go to Imlie and she can’t lose them. Imlie asks Atharva who is Kairi’s best friend; she also doesn’t know about Kairi’s mother, where is she. Atharva recalls stealing Imlie’s baby away. Kairi starts sneezing. They both check her at once and find her having fever. Imlie says what will they do now for Kairi’s fever. Atharva says she doesn’t have to do anything. Chini continues to panic and determines not to let Atharva and Kairi go to Imlie.

Imlie tells Atharva that she knows he is Kairi’s father, she had taken care of Kairi in summer camp. Atharva asks why did Kairi get injured in summer camp, what kind of camp she runs. Imlie says she takes care of her camp kids like her own kids. Atharva says she is not Kairi’s family. Their argument starts. Kairi asks them to stop fighting. Imlie hugs her and says they were discussing how to lessen her cold. Kairi collapses. Atharva lifts Kairi and they both rush out. Driver informs Imlie that car is not starting. Atharva asks Imlie to follow him. Dhairya continues to panic and shouts at security officers. A kid starts crying. Mother complains. Devika sings a lullaby and makes him sleep. Rudra thinks Devika used to sing this song for Atharva. Imlie thinks Atharva left her by himself for Kairi’s mother, she wants to know who she is.

Precap: Imlie sitting in a bus thinks her life’s only aim now is to find her daughter. Kairi sits in same bus and says she is going to find her mother.

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