Faltu 31st May 2023 Written Update

Faltu 31st May 2023 Written Update by Amena

Faltu 31st May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Doctor asking Ayaan to hurry up and deposit the money. He says the bill will get high, it depends on the tests and treatment. Harsh says I have sold my stocks, I will get the money. Faltu says I will ask Ruhaan to help us and let us stay in the house for some days, we can’t take Janardhan and Dadi in this state. Ayaan gets angry.

Ruhaan says don’t take bungalow possession till I say. Manager agrees. Shanaya says Faltu isn’t answering my calls. Ruhaan asks her not to worry, Faltu and her family are still there, don’t worry, go and take rest. She says thanks, I will play cricket well and then my pic will come in the newspaper. She goes. He drinks. Faltu comes to meet him. She says Janardhan and Dadi are admitted in the hospital, the house owner refused to give us the house on rent, let me stay in our house for some days, I m ready to do anything you say. He says I didn’t ask you to leave, you can stay there as much as you want, I understand, what your family is going through, I won’t increase the problems. She says I will take care of Shanaya and help her recover. He says I know, you gave her a hope that her dream will get fulfilled. She says yes, her pic will come in newspaper for sure. He says I wish it could happen. She says her wrist is injured, it will take some time. He says there would be some way. She asks what do you mean. He says its fine, go home, its late now. She says thanks for permitting us to stay in the house. She leaves. He says I will take a price for this favor, nothing is imp than Shanaya’s happiness, I have to take revenge on Janardhan. Ayaan asks Kinshuk to call Ayesha and talk to her. Sid and Tanu come, and ask about Janardhan and Dadi. Govind scolds them, and asks them to leave. Ayaan says just get lost. Tanu says you all are annoyed, but we will stand by you.

Sumitra rehearses an apology to the family. She gets angry on Tanu. Ayaan says I find this strange, he bought our business and house, and he is asking us to stay in the house, why, he has something in his heart. Faltu says don’t think much, maybe he is helping us because I helped Shanaya, he loves his sister. Ayaan says no, this isn’t normal. Kinshuk comes to call them. Doctor tells about Janardhan and Dadi’s heart issues and the treatment. He asks them to deposit 12 lakhs immediately. He says we have no time to waste. Tanu says I will give the money, don’t worry. Ayaan scolds her and refuses to take the help.

He says we will make arrangements. Kinshuk asks shall I talk to Ayesha’s parents. Ayaan says no, they are already worried. Harsh says we can sell our wives’ jewellery and get money. Ayaan says no, our bank lockers are freezed. Kinshuk asks what will we do now. Nurse asks them to get medicines. Ayaan says don’t worry, I will arrange money.

Sid says we will stay here, we won’t go. Ayaan meets the senior doctor and requests him. He says I promise you, I will return the money, please start the treatment. Faltu cries. The man refuses to help. Faltu also requests him. The man says sorry. Ayaan breaks down. Faltu hugs him and asks him not to lose. She says everything will get fine. Kinshuk comes and says we have sold the jewellery which was at home, we arrange 5.5 lakhs. Harsh says I spoke to doctor, he said we need 20 lakhs. Faltu says I have an idea, I will discuss with Ayaan first. Sid goes on a call.

Faltu says we can’t take money from Sid and Tanu, we can ask Ruhaan to help. Ayaan says wow, you will go and beg him again, if dad knows this, then he can’t digest this. She says fine, do you have any better idea. He says I told you, stay away from this man and his sister. She says I want to focus on dad and Dadi’s treatment.

Ruhaan says Shanaya wants to become a big cricketer, you will play cricket, but Shanaya will get name and fame, choose your family’s better life or your cricket. She agrees to leave her cricket dreams.

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