Ganga 30th November 2015 Written Update

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Ganga 30th November 2015 Written Update by Amena

Ganga 30th November 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ganga and Sagar not finding the pppy. He feels cold. She asks him to take her shawl. He says I m boy, I m strong. They look for the puppy. He gets tired. She says if anything happens to you, you can go home, I will find puppy alone. He says no, I m fine, we will find the puppy. Prabha gets Ram ji Bhai’s call. Ratan asks why is she not taking call, is someone bothering her. She says I m getting wrong numbers. She treats Ratan and Yash with love and they get puzzled by her behavior change. Yash asks her is she unwell, she is doing well, the one who works well wants something or did mistake. Prabha says I m not like you. Ratan says but Yash is like you, I trust him. Prabha goes to make tea. She gets call again and switches off her phone.

Ganga hears the puppy sound and asks Sagar to come. Sagar walks by difficulty. Amma ji says kids did not come till now. Niru asks Amma ji and Madhvi not to worry, kids will come. Amma ji worries for the kids. Niru asks Madhvi to come inside. Madhvi says no, I won’t go till Sagar comes, we have to save him from cold, if anything happens to him. He says nothing will happen. Shanta comes and asks for tea. Shanta sees them worried and asks what happened. Madhvi prays to Santoshi Maa.

Ratan says he will drop Yash to school. They leave. Prabha says she can rest well now. She sits to watch tv. Ram ji bhai comes her home and she gets shocked seeing him. Sagar and Ganga come inside some old house and look for puppy. Sagar coughs and asks her to come. Ratan drops Yash to school and asks did he check bag and keep all books. Yash asks him to check his bag. Ratan says I got everything, and realizes he forgot one file. He thanks him and asks him to study well. He calls Subhash and says he forgot his file at home, he will get it and come. Sagar and Ganga hear some man’s voice and Ganga goes to see.

Ram ji bhai says he has caught Prabha. She scolds him. he also gets angry and asks how can she take so much time, he called her six times since morning, return money else I won’t leave. She requests him to go, and says she will return money in 2 days, else Ginni will pay. He says I will take money and go. She shuts the door. She prays to Lord to help. He says I won’t go till I get money. She thinks what to do.

Sagar coughs and gets dizzy. Ganga and Sagar see few men playing cards. The men ask them to leave and do not give the puppy. Sagar and Ganga try to take puppy. Ganga scolds them. The men ask what will they do and bully Sagar. They push Ganga. Sagar gets angry and asks how dare you push my Ganga, I will not leave you all if she gets hurt. They laugh and asks Sagar to beat them. Sagar gets angry. Pulkit and Maharaj come there to find Sagar and Ganga. They leave. Ram ji gets police and asks Prabha to open door. She sees Ratan outside and says I m gone now. The inspector says we have to break the door, open the door. Ratan asks them what is the matter. The inspector scolds Ratan. Ram ji bhai looks at him. The men beat Sagar. Ganga shouts. Pulkit and Maharaj stop hearing Ganga. Ganga asks them to leave Sagar. She beats the men with a wooden stick. She gets puppy and asks Sagar to get up fast, else those men will catch them again.

They run from there. Sagar gets unwell. Pulkit comes and scolds those guys. The guys run from there. Sagar faints. Pulkit lifts Sagar and takes him. Ganga asks Pulkit what happened to Sagar. They take Sagar in rickshaw. Ganga covers Sagar with her shawl. Pulkit looks at her.

Pulkit brings Sagar home. Amma ji and everyone worry for Sagar. Sagar shivers in cold. They all take care of him. Amma ji looks at Ganga..

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