Piya Rangrezz 30th November 2015 Written Update

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Piya Rangrezz 30th November 2015 Written Update by MA

Piya Rangrezz 30th November 2015 Written Episode

Sher asks Bhavri who pushed her from balcony, he will kill her/him. Bhavri points at Chanda who is standing behind Shraddha. Chanda silently comes and sits next to her. Bhavri then points Shraddha and says she was trying…. then falls unconscious. Everyone suspiciously look at Shraddha. Chanda relaxes and smirks. Sher thinks Shraddha pushed Bhavri. Doc says Bhavri is very weak and may not say anything.

Sher goes and sits on bench. Shraddha says he is thinking wrong, she did not do anything, Bhavri must be trying to tell something else. Everyone look at her suspeciously. She asks why are they suspecting her. Mama shouts that jiji pointed her, so she is culprit. Chanda says Sher that Shraddha always alleges her wrong and is the culprit instead. Gajra says Chanda was running to kill Shraddha and when she tried to stop her, she hit her. Mama shouts that she got just a small injury, but his jiji is fighting for life. Vikas says mama that Shraddha is innocent. Mama shouts. Sher asks to stop shouting and leaves. Chanda smirks.

Sher in his room drinks alcohol and reminisces Shraddha alleging Chanda for stealing, then trying to kill her, having schizophrenia, .Gajra and Vikas also alleging Chanda, etc.. and breaks his glass in anger.

In the morning, doctor shifts Bhavri to home and tells family that she is fine now but will be unconscious due to severe head injury. Mama shouts when will jiji wake up. Doc asks him to have courage and leaves. Sher gets out everyone and asks Vikas and Sumer guard outside room and not let anyone in without his permission. Chanda says Bhavri’s condition is because of her running from house, so she will keep fast for her fast recovery and will sit next to her and recite ramayan. Shraddha says Sher he should not let Chanda near Bhavri. Mama praises Chanda that she is obedient bahu and says even he will recite ramayan with her for jiji and takes her along. Shradha says Sher again that he should not let Chanda near ammaji. Sher says Chanda took responsibility and he will also guard amma, if Chanda makes mistake, he will punish her. Chanda looks at Shraddha smirks.

Mama and Chanda recite ramayan near Bhavri’s bed while Sunehri and Shraddha watch standing near door and walk out from there.

Shraddha goes to Sher and says if he does not trust her, he should take oath on his child and tell that. They lived together for 1 year, then how cannot he trust her. He says he knows she is innocent and wants to know how Chanda is doing everything so without any mistake, someone from this house is help her and he wants to find out who is it. She should not ever try to force him to take his child’s oath. Chanda comes there and gives him ramayan recitation prasad. He drinks it. She gives it to Shraddha also and says her sins will clear. She then asks Sher if she can give this prasad to ammaji. Shraddha from behind nods no. Sher takes glass and says he will give it to amma. Chanda fumes.

Chanda goes to her room and yells at Sher’s pic that she loved him so much, but he does not trust her and trusts Shraddha instead. If Bhavri wakes up, she will take her name. Just then, she hears Vikas loudly telling Sher that Bhavri woke up. She imagines Bhavri angrily coming and strangulating her neck and dragging her to balcony and dropping from there. She gets out of her imagination, gets panic attack, pops in her pills and relaxes.

Shraddha goes to Bhavri’s room and asks nurse if ammaji’s blood pressure is high. Nurse says no. Shradha says unconscious ammaji that she prayed for her and she should wake up as soon as possible with god’s grace for this house and everyone, especially her grandchild, with whom she will be playing in the future. Her life and this house is incomplete without her. She applies tilak on her forehead and keeps pooja flowers next to her pillow and then leaves.

Precap: Bhavri wakes up, sees Chanda in nurse’s attire, and asks how dare she is to attack her. Chanda pushes her on bed. Sher knocks door and asks Chanda to open door. Shraddha suggest to break door. He breaks it and shows a shocking expression.

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