Ghulaam 11th August 2017 Written Update

Ghulaam 11th August 2017 Written Update by MA

Ghulaam 11th August 2017 Written Episode

Rashmi’s father does haveli’s painting. Jageer hides and thinks he should do what he came for instead of painting. He gets tired. Shanti plays with steam in kitchen. Gulguli comes and yells at her to go away, she has to prepare food for sarkar. Shanti says she has to play with steam for an hour. Gulguli says she will throw hot water on her if she does not go. Shanti happily says let us play then with hot water. Gulguli says she does not want to play. Shanti says she wants to though and will drop hot water on her. Gulguli thinks this mad woman will throw water on her for sure and runs. Shanti runs behind her holding water. Gulguli hears Maldawali shouting sasuma and then collapsing on bed, she calls family. Rangeela takes water from Shanti and scolds he warned her not to play with
hot water. Shanti says Gulguli provoked her.

Sarkar calls Rangeela and says Maldawali collapsed after coughing. Doctor comes and Veer warns doctor to make her conscious, else he will collapse. Rangeela says Maldawali sprayed toxin spray on flowers and gave them to Shivani, Shivani coughed out and was about to die, he did same with Maldawali to teach her a letter. Maldawali wakes up and coughs. Rangeela asks her to tell what she did. Jageer shouts how dare Rangeela is to give flowers to his wife. Rangeela reveals that Maldawali is behind her since the beginning and wants to kill Shivani to get him.

Maldawali starts acting and says Rangeela is behind her instead. Rangeela asks why did she accept flowers then. Maldawali she did not take them, saw them on bed and thought her husband kept it for the first time. Rangeela says she is lying. Sarkar says any one of them is telling truth, both should tell their part of story. Rangeela tells them the incidents where she tried to seduce him. Maldawali says Rangeela instead is behind her and he forcefully gave her gift. She shows RM ring and says R means Rangeela and M means Maldawali. Rangeela says it is Rashmi and Manmeet’s engagement ring and he ordered Raju goldsmith to prepare it. Veer calls Raju and asks if Rangeela ordered a ring. Raju says Rangeela ordered a ring, but he has not prepared it yet.
Drama continues.

Precap: Sarkar tells Rangeela that he is being allegedly with heinous crime, he has to prove himself innocent in a day. Shivani asks Rangeela how will he prove himself innocent. Veer shouts he will punish Rangeela and will crush him under his feet.

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