Ghulaam 21st August 2017 Written Update

Ghulaam 21st August 2017 Written Update by MA

Ghulaam 21st August 2017 Written Episode

Rangeela shows poison to Maldawali and Shivani and says this is most dangerous poison. He pours poison in 2 glasses and says they both should drink and whoever loves him will not die. Shivani picks glass and drinks. Maldawali and Rangeela stop her. Maldawali picks gun and shoots Rangeela. Rangeela falls down and then gets up. Maldawali is surprised and asks how is he alive. He says he added fake bullets and gave cough syrup to see if he really loves her, Shivani loves him and can go to any extent for him. Maldawali says even she loves him. Rangeela says she does not love anyone and it is just her lust for him. Maldawali fumes in jealousy.

Gulguli thinks how to convince Sarkar to permit Veer to do jal abhishek, it will be Veer’s insult if he does not perform jal abhishek. Shanti comes

holding aarti and tells she heard that she troubled Gulguli when she was mad and came to apologize her, asks why he is looking tensed. Gulguli thinks Shanti’s mental condition stabilized just now and Sarkar will not deny her request. She emotionally blackmail Shanti that she considers her as sister and Rangeela is like her son, so Veer is like Shanti’s son, Veer does jal abhishek every year and this time Sarkar gave his responsibility to Rangeela instead, it will be Veer’s insult in front of whole village, so Shanti should convince sarkar to let Veer perform jal abhishek. Shanti agrees and takes her towards Sarkar’s room.
Rangeela hears Veer planning to ruin holy possession before jal abhishek and kill people. He goes to sarkar and informs Veer’s plan and requests him to guide people to do possession individually. Shanti brings Gulguli and tells Rangeela he should let his elder brother Veer perform jal abhishek. Sarkar scolds Gulguli that she used shanti and Shanti is great that she is convincing her son to give his right to Veer. Shanti says it is time for celebration and sacrifice is good. Sarkar says both Veer and Rangeela are his sons, they both will compete and whoever wins will do jal abhishek.

Jageer dances in Maldawali’s style in his room. Maldawali tries to calm him and asks what happened to him. He says amma betrayed him, he promised he will do jal abhishek, but gave right to Veer. Maldawali says Gulguli must have thought he is weak, so gave responsibility to Veer. He shouts he did not give her a child, that does not mean he is not strong, he can destroy whole haveli. He plans to destroy the event.

Rangeela and Veer pray at home temple. Veer taunts Rangeela if he is thinking he has to beat temple bell in competition. They both wait for Sarkar to come and explain about their competition. Drama continues.

Precap: Jageer gives poisoned chillam/tobacco pipe to Rangeela. Rangeela puffs chillam and collapses. Sarkar and Manmeet get concerned and ask what happened to Rangeela. Jageer says he mixed dangerous poison in chillam.

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