Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 25th June 2024 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 25th June 2024 Written Update by MA

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 25th June 2024 Written Episode

Isha tells Savi that if she had not stopped her, she would have given a befitting reply to Urmila. Savi asks what else she had to reply, she had lie to hide Isha’s lie. Isha asks what does she mean, is Rajat is not in her life. Savi questions her for intriguing her personal space and checking her ipad. Isha says she is her mother and is concerned about her. Savi says there is no boy in her life. Shantanu asks Isha what is wrong with her, says Savi lied in front of everyone not to prove her wrong. Savi goes to get car out. They reach apartment building and see water lodged all around. Bhagyashree starts shouting at her and accuses her of spoiling her function purposefully and disturbing her guests and daughter. Isha says she must left a tap open by mistake. Bhagyashree continues to shout that her DIL also didn’t pick phone by mistake then. Riddhi says they took Savi’s number via watchman and called Savi multiple times, but she didn’t pick call.

Savi gets worried for puppy Chocolate and rushes home. She finds him sitting on a stool leg and dries him with a towel. She recalls Urmila bringing Vicky’s alliance for her and giving her a heavy gift. She feels severe stomachache due to heavy lifting and is rushed to hospital where doctor informs that she still has stomach infection due to her life-threatening injury. Urmila asks doctor if Savi can conceive. Doctor says she can’t. Urmila breaks alliance saying if Savi can’t give her a grandchild, then she can’t make her as her DIL. Isha pleads Vicky reminding him that he was crying to marry Savi and he says when he can’t get a child, he can’t marry Savi.

Bhagyashree performs Raandal mata pooja and goddess possesses a lady whom Bhagyashree questions if Rajath will get his life partner and lady says she will come knocking the door. Chocolate pulls Savi’s palloo. Savi thinks he is missing Sai, takes him out, and rings Bhagyashree’s flat bell. Sai asks lady how is her Chocolate. Lady says when god wants to save someone, nobody can harm them. Sai walks out to meet Chocolate and her pari aunty. Savi waits for her in corridor. Bhagyashree asks Riddhi to go and check where Sai is. Riddhi walks out and sees Sai there. She takes Sai back to get her ready for garba function. Savi signals Sai to come over. Bhagyashree waits for her second son Lucky to join her in garba. Raju says her both sons will not come. Lucky takes a test drive of a new car and flirts with salesgirl. Salesgirl asks if he will buy the car or not. He signs documents and say needs to learn more about the car, so can he call her. Salesgirl says anytime. His friends congratulate him for the car. He says if he buys this car, his bank balance would be zero, so his Rajat bro will pay for this car.

Bhagyashree and her guests perform garba on a loud music. Isha feels headache and asks Shantanu to close the window. She then picks a phone to file a complaint against Bhagyashree. Shantanu asks her to let it go. Isha says Bhagyashree sent 10000 rs penalty bill via society for an unpurposeful mistake, now it’s her turn. She files a police complaint. Sai walks to Savi and Chocolate and chats with Savi. Lucky joins Bhagyashree and dances with her. Police reaches there. Sai thinks her papa came and rushes towards garba venue. Police stops music and tells Bhagyashree there is a complaint against her from her neighbour. Bhagyashree thinks babuchak/Isha must have complained. Rajat reaches next. Lucky proudly taunts inspector that his brother will teach him a lesson. Sai runs behind Rajat, but he ignores her as usual. Riddhi stops Sai. Rajat takes his parents’ blessings and takes inspector aside. Inspector asks why did he call him here. Rajat says to apologise. Inspector says a sorry can’t do anything as complaint has already been filed. Rajat says inspector will apologise for disturbing his mother’s function and asks him to pick his call. Inspector gets ACP’s call who asks him to get out of that place. Inspector asks Rajat why didn’t he inform first that he is ACP’s friend. Rajat takes inspector’s wife’s number and sends 100000 rs to her account. Inspector is shocked and asks why did he do that. Rajat says they gift women during mata’s pooja and hence he sent gift to inspector’s mother. Inspector walks away happy. Rajat teaches Lucky that they can buy anything from money. Savi feels disgusted with Rajat’s behavior.

Precap: Savi notices Sai alone and asks where are her parents. Sai points at Rajat. Rajat is busy over phone. Savi confronts him to take care of his daughter and says she is injured. Rajat says it’s a simple injury, she shouldn’t teach him. Savi says she is reminding him.
Rajat says even he is reminding her that if she can’t bear a child, she can’t show her ownership on someone else’s child. Savi feels upset.

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