Maati Se Bandhi Dor 25th June 2024 Written Update

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 25th June 2024 Written Update by Amena

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 25th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with the man asking Vaiju do you really want to sell this land. Vaiju says I didn’t think I will see this day, I need money urgently to pay hospital bill and get Jaya’s treatment done, I have no money, I have nothing. The man says its all fate, sign these papers. She signs the papers. He says you will get money in your account. He leaves. Vaiju cries and says I promise, I will get back this ancestral land and esteem. She takes some soil in a cloth. She comes to the hospital. Kailash says you didn’t ask us before selling the house. Kaveri says she has sold the house for managing the expenses, you won’t help us. Kailash says you are taunting me, I m taking care of your Nani since years, I did a favor. Aaji scolds him. She asks what will happen of these girls. Vaiju says I will come with you and Aaji. He asks what.

He says don’t expect me to raise you all. Vaiju says I will come to lighten your burden, I will do work and earn money, trust me, I won’t take money from you. Saleem asks do you really want to go. She says yes, I never thought I have to leave, I feel like I m leaving my life here, I have to pay a price for a good future. Kaveri hugs her.

Jaikant imagines Vaiju scolding him. He wakes up from sleep. Supriya asks what happened, tell me. He says nothing. She says I will get haldi milk for you. He worries. Vaiju comes to meet Jaya. She says you aren’t doing right with me, we all are worried, get up, we will make our house again. She cries. She says I got a thread for you from the temple, get well soon, think of this thread as Rakhi. She ties the thread and says my blessings will always be with me. She leaves. She collides with Ranvijay. He catches the soil cloth and holds her. She says thanks for saving it. He says Kaveri told me, you have sold your land to pay the hospital bill, why, Aai and I will handle everything, you love that land, I know. Vaiju says I lost Durga and sold the land, I didn’t lose or sell my esteem, I m grateful, you thought for us, do me a favor, take care of Jaya, I m going to Aaji’s village in search of a job. He says don’t worry, we will try our best to make Jaya fine, I promise, take care. She leaves.

She recalls her family moments. She hugs Kaveri. Kaveri and Saleem ask her to take care. Vaiju leaves with Aaji and Kailash. He says you don’t say anything to anyone there. A man runs and collides with the auto. The villagers beat him. Vaiju asks what’s happening. She stops the men. The villager ask Kailash to explain the girl, not to say anything. The man says its not my mistake, save me. Kailash says she will understand, what did the man do. Mukhiya says he loved a village girl, he doesn’t know that we kill such people. Vaiju is shocked. Aaji and Kailash ask her to be quiet.

The man says don’t kill me. Kailash says Mukhiya will get them married, else the guy will get killed. He asks Vaiju to come. He says don’t tell anything in anyone’s matter.

Ranvijay gets beaten up. Vaiju comes and saves him. Ranvijay and Vaiju get married at gun point.

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