Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 30th March 2024 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 30th March 2024 Written Update by MA

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 30th March 2024 Written Episode

Savi tells Asmita and Anvi that if they can’t, she will expose Mukul’s true face in front of everyone. Surekha hears that and shouts what does she mean. Asmita says Savi was talking about something else and asks Savi to let it to go. Savi says she can’t and tells Surekha that Mukul is not like he looks, he is a monster who is molesting Anvi since her childhood. Surekha asks Anvi if Savi is telling right. Anvi stands crying silently. Surekha pushes Savi away and shouts how dare she is to accuse her Mukul dada. Savi falls on a vase which fall down in the function venue. Everyone rush to terrace. Yashwant asks Surekha what is happening. Surekha says Savi is accusing Mukul that he molested Anvi and is forcing Anvi to back her false claim, Anvi is silently crying and her condition is because of Savi.

Savi says Anvi’s condition is because of Mukul who frightens her, he is molesting Anvi since she was 12 years old; Anvi revealed everything to them, but they were all too intoxicated to even listen to her. Yashwant shouts from the core of his lungs and says he will never tolerate her accusing his family member and says Savi crossed her limits today. Savi says he should question Anvi again. Surekha asks Ishaan to shut his wife’s mouth. Ishaan tells Savi that he had already warned her to drop the issue right there. Surekha asks if he knew about his wife’s conspiracy from before. Savi says Ishaan should have supported Anvi. Ishaan says he spoke to her and questioned her, but she denied of any such issue.

Asmita asks Savi to stop it and drop this issue right there. Savi says being a mother she should have supported her daughter. Asmita says a mother died long ago, she doesn’t want to stand here even for a second and walks away with Anvi from there. Nishi shouts at Savi to stop tarnishing his daughter’s image. Savi says he is shouting at her instead of shouting at Mukul. Mukul says it’s not Anvi’s mistake as she must have gone through such incident in her childhood and is creating a story making Anvi as scapegoat. Savi says nothing such incident happened with her. Durva says Mukul is right, Savi is habituated to accuse people, earlier she had created a big issue when Ayush joked with her and got him restricated, she even accused Mukul some time ago, Mukul should have taught her a lesson instead of sparing her.

Surekha asks Mukul if it so. Mukul says he doesn’t want to blame Savi for her mental condition and says after so much allegations, he will not stay here. Savi thinks after so much allegations, why is Apsara standing silent and not defending her husband. Surekha pleads Mukul to stay back and gives an ultimatum to Bhosales that if Savi stays in this house, she will leave this house and shift to Mukul’s house. Ishaan asks her to calm down and asks Savi to go to her room. Yashwant says he wants Savi out of this house before the function starts.

Precap: Savi requests Ishaan to give her a chance to prove her point for Anvi’s sake. Ishaan says he is going against his family for the last time and if she is proven wrong this time, he can’t face his family anymore. Apsara tells Savi that something is recorded in her mobile when it fell it, they can use it against Mukul if it’s true.

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