Pandya Stores 30th March 2024 Written Update

Pandya Stores 30th March 2024 Written Update by Amena

Pandya Stores 30th March 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Chiku recalling Suman and Natasha’s words. He says please don’t fold hands, do as you find right. Natasha cries and hugs him. Yaadon ki baraat….plays… Suman hugs Natasha. They all hug and cry. Amrish scolds the inspector. Inspector asks constable to put Amrish and everyone in the lockup. Everyone is put inside the lockup. Natasha and family come there. They see Makwanas behind bars. Natasha asks Chiku to say. Amba asks what will he say now. Chiku says Inspector, I want to take my complaint back. Inspector hugs him and asks are you sure, are you under any pressure. Chiku says I m sure. Amrish shouts on Chiku and scolds him. He says I will take revenge on you, just watch out. Amba asks Amrish to stop it. Chiku gets angry and goes to Amrish’s cell. He takes the keys from the constable and enters the cell. Chiku catches Amrish. Everyone tries to stop them. Golmaal…plays… Natasha worries and thinks how will my marriage happen. She goes there and takes the inspector outside. She says Sir, this is happening because of me, my brother loves me a lot, Dhawal also loves me a lot, I love Dhawal a lot, please get me married here, I will talk to your senior, please. Inspector says enough, this is happening for the first time, don’t worry, I will think of something. She says thanks, you let them stay inside, else they will stop my marriage, just get Shesh and Mittu outside, please. Suman says she is right, Pandya and Makwana fight will go on forever, please get them married.

Inspector says I understand the value of marriage and family. He asks constable to get Shesh and Mittu outside. Constable locks Chiku in the cell and scolds him. Chiku asks Suman to see the result of goodness. Suman says sorry. Shesh asks did you get mad, Chiku is locked here. Natasha says I will use my mind, Mittu come with me for shopping. Shesh says fine, go. Natasha goes with Mittu. Suman says I will come in 10 mins. Amba asks them to see, they have gone out. Dhawal calls out Natasha. Amba says she doesn’t care for us. Inspector says calm down, the girl has gone to the lawyer to help you all. Amba says fine.

Isha says we should have not come here. Chiku says I know you love me, don’t say that about Chutki, she has a clean heart, promise me, you will always love her. Isha says sorry, I can’t love anyone as much I love you. Shalini talks to the lawyer. She gets the papers. She signs it. She pays his fees. She thinks I will revive Amrish’s love, no one can stop us from uniting. Natasha buys lights. Mittu asks what are you doing. She says its okay. The man says bride is doing her marriage shopping. Mittu says she is one and only. The girl says you are so impression, can I take a selfie. Natasha takes selfies and gives the interview. She goes. The police station gets decorated. Amba asks is there anyone’s marriage. They hear the band sound. Shesh and Mittu dance in the baraat. Sauda khara khara….plays… Natasha dances. Amba asks what’s happening outside. Inspector and staff also go out and dance in the baraat. Suman smiles. Natasha says I got permission to conduct marriage in police station, show your magic now. Inspector asks constable to get everyone outside. Constable releases Makwanas and Chiku. Natasha gets the baraat inside. Dhawal and everyone are shocked.

Dhawal says finally, Natasha and I will get married. Natasha says you promised me, you will always support me, prove it, I have some conditions, you and your family have to fulfill it, sign the papers, else you have to leave this house.

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