Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 4th February 2024 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 4th February 2024 Written Update by MA

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 4th February 2024 Written Episode

Ishaan feels sad watching his and Reeva’s prewedding pics. Jaane Wo Kaise Log The Jinko Pyar Pe Pyar Mila.. song plays in the background. He removes all the gifts and photos from the bed. Reeva knocks the door. Ishaan thinks it’s Savi and asks her to wait for 2 minutes till he removes stuff from the bed so that she can come and rest on it. Reeva walks in and asks if she can help him. She takes her bags from there while Savi walks into room. Reeva returns to her room and gets an asthma attack. She searches for her inhaler and realizes she left it in Ishaan’s room.

Savi tells Ishaan that she lost her family and knows the value of family to Ishaan, she will respect Yashwant’s order and will stay back in this house for a few days until Harini gets well and then will leave this house. Ishaan asks her to rest instead of thinking so much. Savi says they married to save Tai’s life and once Tai is out of danger, it’s motto will be complete and there is no need to continue it; this marriage has affected many lives, especially her; she never thought of marriage before becoming IAS officer; she will reveal truth to her Tai once she gets well and leave him; it would be better for his family, Reeva, and them. Ishaan says he respects her decision, they will find a solution soon, he doesn’t want their discussion to be a secret till then. Savi nods okay. Reeva hears their conversation and thinks if there is something else they are hiding. She walks in picks her inhaler. Anvi informs Ishaan that police has come to meet Savi.

Inspector questions Savi that if the kidnappers wanted to take her via Mumbai to Nepal. She says yes. He asks if she thinks Samrudh Latkar is behind all this. She says yes as Samrudh has escaped from jail. He asks if she knows any detail about the kidnappers. She says one of the man’s name was Raghu and he was addressing someone over phone as boss, she is sure it’s Samrudh. Nishi gets tensed hearing that. He tells Ishaan that his wife gave a good lead about kidnappers and asks Savi if she remembers their faces. She says every well. He says he will send sketch artist to draw their sketches, soon they will be caught. Once police leaves, Yashwant scolds Ishaan for messing up things and asks him to call the kidnappers and ask them to hide before police or Ishaan finds them.

Ishaan asks Savi to rest on a bed as she is still weak. Savi recalls Ishaan telling he doesn’t get sleep on floor and asks him to sleep on the bed. Their argument starts. They both fall on a bed while pulling a blanket and the bed breaks down. Their eyes lock. Ishan then gets alert and helps her get up. He says if she had not got adamant, his bed wouldn’t have broken. Savi says it wouldn’t have broken if he hadn’t adamantly pulled a bedsheet. She asks him to give her a needle and thread to fix the bedsheet. He says fixing bed is more important before family wakes up and tries to fix the bed. He hits his finger while nailing it. She gets concerned. Reeva cries recalling Ishaan and Savi’s words.

Precap: Durva and her friends bully Savi and question her character. Savi slaps Durva. Surekha watches video and orders Savi that she will not get out of house from today. Savi asks when she didn’t do any mistake, why shall she face punishment.

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