Imlie 4th February 2024 Written Update

Imlie 4th February 2024 Written Update by MA

Imlie 4th February 2024 Written Episode

Agastya takes Ashu inside the house. Whole family eagerly waits for him and seeing a small boy ask who is he. Agastya signals them to maintain silence. Ashu looks at Imlie and recalls Agastya telling him that Imlie is marrying him tonight. Daadi draws a curtain around Imlie to stop Agastya from seeing her. Imlie says he took so much time in a parlor that his face must be glowing so much that guests have to use goggles. Agastya gives a counter reply. Daadi says let us start haldi ritual. Agastya asks Imlie to identify each hand that applies haldi to her.

Haldi ceremony starts. Imlie identifies each family member correctly. Shivani asks Agastya who this kid. He stops her and sends Ashu to Imlie. Imlie gets emotional after touching Ashu and identifies him. Agastya says he had gone to bring Ashu and not to a parlor for facial and it’s his surprise for Imlie as she was missing Ashu. He reveals to family that Ashu is Imlie’s nephew. Imlie thanks him and says that is the best surprise of her life so far. Ashu reveals that Agastya is his Kyachu. Imlie gets more emotional and thanks Agastya more. Teri Meri Kahani Hai Ye…plays in the background.

Avinash asks Shivani why was she looking at his and Vishwa’s pics in the morning and shows pics. Shivani says Sonali had brought these pics and says let’s inform Sonali about it. Ashu tells Imlie that Kyachu is very good and asks about his family. Imlie says they are like a rain in hot summer, they accepted her and is giving her immense love, they will accept even him and give him immense love. She gets a call and the caller doesn’t speak. She identifies it’s Vishwa and asks him why don’t he surrender himself to police and start afresh after facing punishment. Vishwa says he will after finishing his last task and says he has sent a surprise wedding gift for her.

Agastya gets emotional missing Dhanraj and tells Daadi and Govind that Ashu reminds him of Dhanraj. Daadi asks him to hold his emotions, and Govind takes him to get ready. Ashu passes by and is shocked to see his father’s pic there. Bulbul passes by and stops. Ashu says he wanted to surprise Imlie by showing his father’s pic, but Imlie found his father before him and spoilt his surprise. Bulbul asks what is he speaking. He shows Dhanraj’s pic and says he is his father. Govind and Karan get Agastya ready as a groom. Sonali gets Imlie ready as a bride. Imlie recalls her promise that only her true love will fill her hairline with sindhoor. She reminds it to Sonali. Sonali blesses her to be happy always.

Bulbul asks Ashu not to reveal the truth to anyone. Shivani walks in and hears their conversation. She gets adamant to reveal truth to the family. Bulbul fails to convince her and locks her in a room to stop her from stopping Imlie’s marriage. Ashu walks to Agastya while Bulbul tries to stop him.

Precap: Imlie pleads Agastya to return home and says she loves him immensely. Agastya says even he loves her immensely. Critically ill daadi takes promise from Agastya to marry some other girl than Imlie.

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