Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 6th February 2024 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 6th February 2024 Written Update by MA

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 6th February 2024 Written Episode

Savi tells Bappa’s idol that she has to shift him to a place which is not her destiny but just a temporary stay of her journey. She recalls the moment she entered hostel room and thinks she had created her own world in this hostel room with her friends, etc., but has to lie to her friends. Savi’s friends think why is Savi behaving weirdly, she just returned to hostel after many days and is not even talking to them. Durva says Savi will not talk to them now as her standard is very higher than them now. They ask what does she mean. Durva reveals that Savi married college’s director Ishaan. Other students also gather, and they are all shocked to hear that.

During breakfast, Ishaan asks Asmita if Savi didn’t come for breakfast. Asmita says she has gone to college. Yashwant shouts why did she go to college. Ishaan says her shoulder injury still hasn’t healed, she should have taken rest. Asmita says she didn’t have clothes to wear and hence went to college hostel to bring her clothes. Yashwant shouts they could have bought new clothes or sent someone to bring Savi’s stuff from the hostel. He asks Nishi and Ishaan to go and make sure Savi doesn’t create any drama at the hostel. He then scolds Surekha for failing in her duty to keep an eye on Savi.

Savi’s friends tell Durva that everyone knows her hatred for Savi and warn her to stop badmouthing about Savi. Durva says Savi achieved her dream of a lavish life, she used her friends to achieve that, she even used her family’s death to emotionally blackmail Ishaan and marry him. Sara says Savi will live in a lavish mansion and hence came to take her stuff from hostel. Durva continues to provoke Savi’s friends against Savi. Preeti recalls Savi lying to her about her mangalsutra and sindhoor.

Surekha fumes seeing family members skipping breakfast because of Savi. Asmita asks servant to pick ceramic plates carefully. She stands mesmerized seeing Reeva walking towards her wearing a beautiful sari. Reeva takes Surekha’s blessings. Surekha also praises that she is looking very pretty. Reeva then touches Alka’s feet. Alka blesses her saubhagyavati bhava, then says always be happy. Reeva seeks Surekha’s permission to rejoin college. Surekha praises Reeva’s gesture of seeking permission from her and permits her. Reeva leaves. Surekha says Reeva is behaving like an ideal DIL even after not being her DIL while Savi being her DIL doesn’t behave like a DIL.

Reeva waits for cab. Ishaan walks towards her car worried for Savi when she doesn’t pick his call and hopes there shouldn’t be any problem in college. He notices a lady in front of his car and asks her to move aside. Reeva turns, and Ishaan stands mesmerized. Reeva alerts him and asks if he said something. Ishaan says nothing. Reeva asks if he she also can accompany him to college as she is not getting a cab. Ishaan agrees and takes her along.

Savi walks towards her class and notices everyone staring at her weirdly. Students discuss that Durva was right that Savi got an attitude now. Savi enters her class and tries to speak to her friends, but they refuse to talk to her at first and then ask why a rich girl wants to talk to poor girls. Savi says let her explain. They say let them study, they believe in hard work and not a shortcut like her. Savi walks to her seat teary eyed.

Ishaan feels awkward with Reeva in his car. Reeva says she knows their relationship is not like before, at least they can be friends. Ishaan says of course. Reeva asks if he remembers this sari, her designer friend had got this when he had gone to Ramtek. She hopes if he had not gone to Ramtek that day as he never returned to her after that.

Precap: Durva and her friends bully Savi and question her character. Savi slaps Durva. Surekha watches video and orders Savi that she will not get out of house from today. Savi asks when she didn’t do any mistake, why shall she face punishment.

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