Pandya Stores 6th February 2024 Written Update

Pandya Stores 6th February 2024 Written Update by Amena

Pandya Stores 6th February 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Amrish asking Shashank what are you doing here. Shashank says it’s a long story, I will tell you later. Dhawal shows the old pics and tells about his childhood days. He praises his brothers and their love. Amrish and everyone smile. Dhawal says Amrish got Natasha in my life, but burnt that relation. Natasha asks was this your surprise, why did you hide it. Dhawal changes his pic with Shashank’s pic. He asks why did you do this. He thanks and taunts Amrish for cheating his own blood for his profit.

He says Natasha, this is your future, don’t you know. He asks Amrish to tell her. He says you got me married to Natasha, you knew I love her, and broke my marriage, you got Shashank in her life so that she doesn’t come back to me. Amrish says you are mistaken, its nothing like that. Dhawal shouts at him. Amrish says I did everything for your happiness. Dhawal says you knew I can’t live without her, you made a deal and got her home. Everyone is shocked. Dhawal says you wanted to send her when I get fine. Amrish says you are mistaken. Dhawal says no, you played with my emotions.

Amrish says no. Dhawal says you are lying, you bought Sandeep’s company and got Natasha in my life, tell me, you were afraid that Natasha and Dhawal can unite, so you did this. Natasha asks what do you mean to say. He asks Amrish to answer. Dhawal asks why did you get Shashank in our lives, you knew he is a nice guy, Pandya family will never reject him, I thought you do everything for family’s happiness, but I was wrong, you just know to ruin emotions, you knew Natasha is my love, my life, even then you did this, you didn’t want her in the house, because she challenged you. Everyone cries.

Dhawal says I would have given my life to you, how can you become so selfish, were you not ashamed, you didn’t think what all I did for your happiness. Amrish cries and gets dizzy. He falls towards the broken glass edge. Dhawal holds his hand.

Amrish sees the glass edge. Dhawal pulls him. Amrish hugs Dhawal. He cries and says you can’t question my love, I did this for your happiness, listen to me once. They cry. Dhawal pushes him and shouts enough, I have no courage to hear your lies, our relation is over. Everyone cries. Amrish asks is this a joke, you are my brother, why did you save me. Dhawal says I can’t become bad like you to risk someone’s life, we have no relation now. Hetal asks Amrish why did you do this. She says you have earned money, respect and name for Dhawal, you cheated him, you regarded Dhawal your life, how can you do this with him.

Amba scolds Hetal for questioning Amrish. She defends Amrish. Dhawal says everyone listens to him, but its enough now, no one will become his puppet. Amba says you won’t get a better elder brother like Amrish. Dhawal says right, he thinks every relation is a compromise.

Dhawal says ask him to stop worrying for my life, I m not so weak that he plays such games to save my life. Chirag says talk to me. Dhawal says stay away. He leaves.

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