Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 6th July 2024 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 6th July 2024 Written Update by MA

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 6th July 2024 Written Episode

Rajat shouts that his client left because of Sai and Isha, recalling Savi’s bitter words. Aman asks him to relax as client got some other work and left. Rajat says he doesn’t know how mannerless mother and daughter are, especially daughter, recalling Savi humiliating him. Aman says he shouldn’t have raised a hand on a woman. Rajat says he saw how greedy Isha is who came to his office to enquire about his salary, Savi was trying to get closer to him via Sai. Aman says it’s a mother concern; her way was wrong, but her worry for her daughter was right. He says every girl is not like Ashika, Savi is right that Sai misses his mother. Rajat says Sai has grandparents, aunts, and father and hence doesn’t miss anyone. Aman laughs and says nobody can fulfil a void of a mother, he laughed because Rajat sips alcohol from his flask nervously when he knows that he is wrong.

Savi chats with Shashank and apologises him for the drama happened. Shashank says it’s okay, let’s talk about us. Mrinmoy peeps into the room. Milind takes her away. Savi asks if he knows about her. Shashank says Latha informed everything about her. Savi asks if he knows that she can’t bear a child. Shashank says he knows and says they can adopt a child. He shows his pets and says he didn’t give birth to them, but he loves them like his kids. He then says let’s go and have dinner as he can’t tolerate the pleasant smell. Savi sits thinking. After dinner, Shantanu asks how was the food. Shashank says it was amazing. Vansh says he wants to have sweets. Isha says she will give all sweets to him if Savi aunty says yes. She asks Shashank’s opinion. Shashank says he is okay from his side and is waiting for Savi’s opinion. Savi walks out. Shashank asks her opinion. Isha feels dizzy. Everyone get concerned for her. Isha asks Savi’s opinion. Savi says yes. Isha pampers and thanks her.

Rajat walks near the lift speaking over phone to his employee. An old man tries hard to get a heavy box out of the lift. Rajat tells employee if his hands and feet are fine and he doesn’t want to work, then he should leave the job. Savi thinks he is speaking to the old man and tongue lashes him. She goes back home to bring water for the old man. Rajat helps the man get stuff out of lift and asks him to take care of himself. Old man says there is some dust on his cuff. Rajat asks him not to bother about it and leaves. Savi brings water for the old man and asks if he alone got the stuff out. Old man says a young man whom she scolded help him, she unnecessarily scolded him.

Shantanu and Isha chat with Shashank’s parents online and fix Savi and Shashank’s engagement after 2 days. They inform the same to Savi and Mrinmoy. Mrinmoy congratulate Savi. Isha asks Mrinmoy to tell Aman that she is coming to meet him tonight. Mrinmoy jumps in excitement and thanks her. Isha says she will just meet and not take a final decision. Mrinmoy calls Aman when he is busy in a meeting with Rajat and rejects her call repeatedly. Rajat asks him to pick the call. He picks it and acts as speaking to an ad girl. Mrinmoy says her Isha aunty agreed to meet him tonight. He excitedly asks so soon. She says yes and disconnects call. Rajat asks Aman if he is playing family with ad girl without parent’s permission. Aman reveals him about his and Mrinmoy’s love story and Mrinmoy’s aunt coming to meet him tonight. He requests Rajat to be with him when they visit tonight as he knows how his family is. Rajat agrees.

Savi and Mrinmoy are in a parking area when Lucky brings Sai from home. Sai happily runs to his pari/Savi aunty. Lucky gets mesmerised with Mrinmoy and chats with her. Bhagyashree notices Lucky and Sai chatting with Savi and Mrinmoy and shouts at him to stop talking to conspiring strangers and takes Sai along. Lucky apologises Mrinmoy on his mother’s behalf and says it looks like Sai likes Savi. Mrinmoy says they share an unique bonding. Rajat with Aman reaches client’s office with product presentation. Harsh already present there taunts Rajat to go back as he will not win this contract. Rajat says let’s see. Client Mr Sabharwal meets them both and asks them to start their presentation. Rajat says Harsh is senior and shall be given a chance first. Aman warns him not to lose a first chance. Harsh starts presentation and says he will offer 8.25 rs per bottle with a 26% profit to 6 rs. Client gets impressed. Rajat recalls Harsh compromising on quality to gain a contract Sabharwal asks Rajat to show his presentation. Rajat asks client to give contract to Harsh itself as he can’t compromise on client trust and quality. He walks out of cabin. Aman asks why didn’t he give presentation at least. Rajat says they will win the contract. Sabharwal walks out and asks Rajat to show his presentation at least. Rajat says he can’t compromise on quality and in fact will quote 9 rs per bottle. Sabharwal gives contract to Rajat and excuses Harsh. Harsh shouts he can’t do this to him and determines to take revenge from Rajat.

After getting out of client office, Rajat reminds Aman about his meeting with Mrinmoy’s aunt and says his mom has already reached his house and is making arrangements. Thakkar family makes arrangements at Aman’s house. Bhagyashree asks Lucky to help his sisters instead of watching mobile. Lucky refuses. Bhagyashree says Aman is like his brother. Lucky says Aman is Rajat’s brother like, but just an employee for him. Raju says Aman is like his son and more competent than Lucky. Bhagyashree says it’s waste to talk to Lucky. Bhosales reach Aman’s society. Tara calls Rajat and asks where are he and Aman. Rajat says they will reach in 5 minutes and asks if girl’s family came. Door bell rings. Bhagyashree welcomes girl’s family and stands shocked seeing Bhosales.

Precap: Bhagyashree wakes up intoxicated Rajat and asks if Savi took away Sai.

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