Maati Se Bandhi Dor 6th July 2024 Written Update

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 6th July 2024 Written Update by Amena

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 6th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Vasundara asking Vaiju to come along to the Krishi Kalyani Sabha. Vaiju goes to get ready. Rao Sahab asks what’s the need to take her along, she will embarrass us. Ranvijay is with Jaya. He imagines romancing Jaya. He asks will you forgive me if I make a mistake. She says yes, but never cheat me, I can never forgive that. He says I will never let anyone come between us. He sees Vaiju’s reflection on their pic. He drops the pic. The frame glass breaks. He shouts Jaya. His dream ends. He says I promise Jaya, we will always be together. Vasundara, Vaiju and Rao Sahab come to the meeting. Rao Sahab welcomes the guest, Mr. Pilgaonkar. Vaiju gets surprised seeing the man she helped in the field.

She smiles. Vasundara asks her to sit. Pilgaonkar asks Vaiju to come on stage and inspire the farmers by her speech. Vasundara claps for Vaiju.

Vaiju says the love for the farm inspires us to do well, when we give everything to the soil, it gives us everything back, but every farmer doesn’t have the same fate, then we have to act wise. She gives them the farming tips. Everyone claps for Vaiju. Vasundara says she has held her head high with pride. She says amazing Vaiju, you are talented, you can make developments in the state farming. Vaiju says I studied till 7th, I wish I had studied more. Vasundara asks do you want to study, learn more about farming, I will help you. Vaiju smiles.

They come home. Sulekha gives the bangles to Vasundara and says every bahu wears these bangles. Vasundara says Jaya will wear it now. Sulekha says we have to make marriage arrangements. She makes Vaiju and asks her to try the bangles. Vaiju says no. Sulekha says I m checking size. Ranvijay looks on shocked. He shouts at Vaiju.

Vasundara says Sulekha made her wear it. Ranvijay argues. The bangle gets stuck. He gets a cream and applies to her hand. He removes the bangle and hurts Vaiju. Vasundara asks what’s the need to be so strict. Vaiju says this bangle is small for my hand. Ranvijay says bangle is right, hand is wrong. He taunts Vaiju and goes. Vasundara feels bad for Vaiju. Sulekha smiles.

Vaiju sees Naagraj smoking. She splashes water at him. He scolds her. Everyone comes. Naagraj lies to them. Vaiju says sorry. He says mad girl and goes. She sees the cigarette. Its morning, Vaiju goes the lawyer and says I have to file a case against Naagraj. The man asks did you go mad, get out. Naagraj comes there to have tea. The lawyer says a girl has come to file case against you. Naagraj asks what nonsense, who is that girl. Vaiju comes and says I want to file a case, you have attacked your family. He asks what nonsense. She says cigarette is the weapon by which you have harmed the family. He says I don’t harm them, what’s the problem if I smoke. She says you are harming yourself, won’t this harm your family, what will happen of Sulekha if anything happens to you, I know the pain of losing family. She cries and asks him to quit smoking. He throws the cigarette. He says no need to file case, I m surrendering. He gives the lighter. She says you have to accept the crime in front of the family.

At home, Vaiju asks Naagraj to say it. Naagraj says I want to tell you something, I sometimes smoke. Sulekha asks Vaiju did you know this, why didn’t you tell us. She says I don’t like smoking. Rao Sahab says I always explained you, it’s a bad habit, you still smoke, it’s a shame. Vaiju says he wants to quit smoking, don’t scold him, help him. Naagraj says she is saying the truth, I decided to stop smoking for my sake and family’s sake.

Vaiju gives sweets to everyone. They get intoxicated. Ranvijay’s clients come. They angrily leave. Ranvijay asks Vaiju to get out. Jaya comes and calls out Vaiju.

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