Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 7th July 2024 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 7th July 2024 Written Update by MA

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 7th July 2024 Written Episode

Sabharwal gives contract to Rajat and excuses Harsh. Harsh shouts he can’t do this to him and determines to take revenge from Rajat. After getting out of client office, Rajat reminds Aman about his meeting with Mrunmayi’s aunt and says his mom has already reached his house and is making arrangements. Thakkar family makes arrangements at Aman’s house. Bhagyashree asks Lucky to help his sisters instead of watching mobile. Lucky refuses. Bhagyashree says Aman is like his brother. Lucky says Aman is Rajat’s brother like, but just an employee for him. Raju says Aman is like his son and more competent than Lucky. Bhagyashree says it’s waste to talk to Lucky. Bhosales reach Aman’s society. Tara calls Rajat and asks where are he and Aman. Rajat says they will reach in 5 minutes and asks if girl’s family came. Door bell rings. Bhagyashree welcomes girl’s family and stands shocked seeing Bhosales. Isha asks what are Thakkars doing here, she is here with her daughter Mrunmayi’s alliance for Aman. Bhagyashree says Aman is like her son and she will never let any of her son married to any of Isha’s daughter at any cost. Isha says even her decision is same as before and she will never get her daughters married to such an arrogant and mannerless family. She takes her family away and walks near the car while Mrunmayi tries to convince her to meet Aman once. Aman with Rajat gets out of car and notices Mrunmayi. Isha insists Mrunmayi to get into car and leaves.

Rajat asks Aman if he didn’t get any other girl and says it’s Bhosale family’s conspiracy to trap him. They reach home. Bhagyashree also speaks ill about Bhosale family. Aman says he loves Mrunmayi and describes how he met her in their hometown and she shifted to Mumbai to marry him. Rajat says there is nothing like love in the world and Mrunmayi is just trying to trap him. Bhosales reach home. Isha gets adamant that she will not let her marry in such a mannerless family. Savi, Shantanu, and Mrunmayi insist her that she should have met Aman once, but Isha says even Aman would be arrogant and mannerless like Thakkars.

Savi thinks she can’t let Mrunmayi face injustice because of Thakkars and calls Rajat to have a meeting and convince him for Aman and Mrunmayi’s marriage. Bhagyashree takes phone from Rajat and yells at Savi for trying to trap her son again and says she will not let her succeed in her plan. Savi says she is not interested in her son a bit and called to talk about Mrunmayi and Aman.

Rajat takes phone from Bhagyashree. Savi tells him that they shall keep their egos aside and meet to discuss about Aman and Mrunmayi’s alliance at a cafe. They both meet at a cafe. Savi tries to convince Rajat to forget their mutual differences and agree for Savi and Aman’s marriage as they love each other, but Rajat gets adamant and says there is nothing like love in life and everyone just run behind money. Mrunmayi meets Aman who says he loves her, but can’t go against his foster family as they took care of him since childhood. Mrunmayi asks what about the promises he made to her. He says he can’t go against his family and refuses to marry her.

Savi tries to her best to convince Rajat, but he gets adamant. She says she can understand why his wife left him. He gets angry, pays bill, and walks out. They both wait for a cab. Rain starts. They try their best to get a cab but fail. They both cuss at each other in their minds. Finally, they both get into a same cab and say Bandra. Cab driver asks if they are going to same place, then they shall use same cab. Savi asks Rajat to get down. Their argument starts. Cab driver asks them to get out of his cab and sort out their fight. They get out. Cab driver drives away. They both stand in a bus stand. Savi shivers drenched in rain. Rajat keeps his blazer near her. She notices it and ignores. Finally, a horse chariot passes by. Rajat stops chariot and requests chariot owner to drop them to Bandra. Driver in a poetic style says he is going nowhere. Rajat offers him lots of money. Chariot owner rejects his offer and says everything can’t be bought with money. Savi requests him that they are stuck in rain and needs his help to reach home. Owner says since requested humbly, he will drop her. Savi picks Rajat’s blazer and signals him to get into chariot. Owner says he will take humbleness from Savi and money from Rajat.

Precap: Bhagyashree wakes up intoxicated Rajat and asks if Savi took away Sai.

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