Udne Ki Aasha 7th July 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 7th July 2024 Written Update by Amena

Udne Ki Aasha 7th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Paresh saying Sayali will do all the rasams. Renu asks why. He asks her to stand silent. Shakku asks Renu not to drag the matter. Aaji says Sayali, this marriage will happen when you give the mangalsutra with your hands. Sachin asks Sayali to do what Aaji says. Pandit instructs Tejas and Roshni to take the rounds. Sayali gives the mangalsutra. Renu makes a face. Sayali helps in the rituals. Tejas applies sindoor to Roshni after making her wear mangalsutra. The pandit says marriage is complete. He asks Tejas and Roshni to take blessings from elders. Everyone blesses them. Sachin jokes on Tejas. He doesn’t congratulate Tejas. He says we should give condolence to Roshni. Paresh says just do as I say. He wishes Tejas and Roshni. Vidya congratulates Roshni and asks her to smile, the wedding is done. She hugs Roshni. She says your good life is not a dream now, don’t get scared, stay happy in your life. Roshni thanks her. Aaji asks Sayali to take them to the temple. She says Shanti called, there is much rains in the village, roof is breaking, I have to go immediately, else the harvest will get ruined. Paresh says I will come along. She says no, I will go with Gita. Sachin says I will drop you. Aaji says you be with Sayali, we will go home with Akash and he will drop us to the bus stop. Renu says Paresh sent Sayali with them. Shakku says don’t know what you will do now. Renu says I will get rich house girl like Roshni for Akash. Paresh calls her. He asks Pandit to do puja for Tejas and Roshni. Pandit gives them the things back. He asks Renu to stay back. Renu says its because of money, they are getting garlands for me. Pandit asks Sachin and Sayali to come. Shakku laughs.

Pandit asks Sachin and Sayali to make each other wear the garlands. Renu asks why all this. Pandit says Sayali got married some months back, she is raised here and does much work in the temple. Sachin says yes, she told me. Pandit says Sayali doesn’t charge a poor couple for the garlands. Paresh says I have chosen her as my bahu by seeing her good nature and character. Sachin and Sayali exchange the garlands. Ye lamha…plays… Sachin praises Sayali, who has much respect here. He taunts Renu. Sayali and her family smile. Renu says we should leave now. Paresh asks why are you in hurry. Sachin says she can’t digest seeing Sayali get respect. Renu says we have to do other rasams as well, come.

They come home. Roshni worries and thinks PA has come home. She sees Akash and gets relieved. Vidya asks her to just smile. Sachin jokes on Renu’s slow speed in work. Paresh says give the aarti plate to Sayali, she will do the aarti. Renu says I will do it. Paresh says you and Sayali do it together. Sachin asks Sayali to go. They do the aarti. Renu says Aaji has done this, I will cut Sayali’s wings. She welcomes Roshni and asks her to come in. She taunts Sayali. Sachin gets angry. Renu washes Roshni’s feet and welcomes her. Sayali feels sad.

He asks did anything happen. She says nothing, I m feeling tired. He says fine. Renu washes Tejas’ feet as well. She asks Roshni to make kalash fall down. Roshni’s anklet falls off. Renu stops her. Vidya says its hook broke. Roshni says I will remove other one. Sayali says I will fix it. Renu says no need to help. Sayali says it will be bad omen to enter the house without anklet. Paresh says she is right. Sayali goes to fix it. Sachin taunts Renu about Roshni. Renu asks him to stop the nonsense. He says you have no answer. Sayali uses a thread to fix the anklet. He says good, you tied it as a garland. Akash says superb. She smiles. Renu jokes on Sayali.

Sachin says I will break it. Paresh says don’t punish Sayali’s hardwork for someone’s foolishness. Sayali says give the anklet to Renu. Sachin says right, Renu should thank Sayali for her hardwork. Presh asks Renu to say thank you. Renu says thank you. Sachin says take the anklet. Roshni wears the anklet and enters the house. Renu asks Sayali to get fruits and milk with badam powder. Sayali says badam powder is over. Sachin jokes on Tejas. Police comes there. Constable says its Sachin’s house.


Sayali says I m very happy today. Sachin says Sayali has hidden a big thing from me, she knew Sudhakar did that, she broke my trust.

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