Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 7th June 2024 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 7th June 2024 Written Update by MA

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 7th June 2024 Written Episode

Patil asks Yashwant/YRB if he is searching Suman Mhatre to frighten her, says police found her and has kept her out of their reach. He humiliates Ishaan and invites him to spend some time in lockup. He orders constable to arrest Ishaan. YRB says he can’t arrest Ishaan just on a basis of FIR. Patil calls him a well frog and shows him arrest orders and warns YRB that if he stops him, he will arrest even him and make his arrogance melt without AC or fan. Reeva says Ishaan didn’t do anything, he can’t take Ishaan like this. Patil says he is taking Ishaan for sure. Nishi calls police commissioner and asks him to stop Patil who has come to arrest innocent Ishaan. Commissioner says he can’t help as the news is viral and he is getting pressure from the top.

Patil arrests Ishaan and drags him towards jeep in front of whole college. He tells Ishaan that he already told that he is Bhanwar who can gulp the whole universe, Ishaan is just a sun. Students discuss that innocent Ishaan got trapped in a fake case. They ask Ishaan not to worry as they are with him. Patil puts Ishaan behind the bars and says he fulfilled his promise. Ishaan says Patil knows that he is innocent. Patil challenges that he will send Ishaan into jail for a long time. Reeva walks in and asks him to stop day dreaming as her father has hired city’s biggest criminal lawyer who will prove Ishaan innocent in seconds. Patil says her fiance is arrested under serious charges, nobody can save him. Reeva asks Ishaan why did he go to college after the party. Ishaan thinks he can’t take Savi’s name. Reeva asks him not to worry as her dad must be coming with lawyer and bail papers and will get him out.

Savi with YRB and Chinmay walks in and tells Reeva that she is right that Ishaan will not stay in lockup for long. Patil tells Savi that she saw how Ishaan molested an innocent student. YRB hands him over bail papers and asks him to free his son immediately. Patil is shocked to see bail papers and says one can’t get bail easily in such cases without evidence. Savi says Ishaan was with him last night, judge accepted her truth and issued Ishaan’s bail. Chinmay says Savi is that evidence and recalls Savi calling him and revealing the whole story. Ishaan thinks why did Savi do this. Patil asks Savi if she is trying to repay Ishaan’s debt or is she under YRB’s pressure. Savi says nobody pressurised her and describes how Ishaan had come to her home around 1:15 a.m., how she hit him thinking him as a stranger, etc. Reeva stands shocked hearing that.

Patil says Ishaan is characterless to visit his ex-wife while he is marrying another girl soon. YRB says it’s not a case of Ishaan’s marital life and asks him to free his son immediately. Patil frees Ishaan. Reeva walks away from there upset. YRB and Nishi thank Savi and leave from there. Chinmay tells Savi that if she had not called him today, Patil would have really trapped Ishaan in a false case. He says he will not thank her as she is his dear one and blesses her to be happy always. He walks away. Ishaan asks Savi why did she drag herself into this issue and risked her dignity. Savi says she just wanted to prove him innocent and asks where was he did he go after leaving her house. Ishaan says he was sleeping outside her house whole night. Savi asks why? Ishaan says I, inner voice asks him to say I love you, but he says I don’t know. Reeva and Patil return and hear him.

Back home, Reeva confronts Ishaan for spending night with Savi and asks if he loves Savi. Ishaan stands silently. YRB shouts at him to speak and asks why did he go to Savi’s house, Savi at first creates a problem and then herself solves it. Ishaan says it’s not Savi’s mistake, he himself went to her house. YRB slaps him and says he and Savi have ruined his dignity. Reeva stops him from slapping Ishaan again. YRB warns Ishaan that if he meets Savi again, he will end their relationship and will never speak to him again. Surekha tells Ishaan that he troubles Reeva always, but she can’t see him in trouble a bit. Ishaan tries to speak to Reeva, but she stops him.

Next morning, Savi notices someone had mischievously drawn a sketch of Ishaan romancing both Savi and Reeva. She asks who drew this sketch. Constables joke that Ishaan is enjoying 2 girls and eyeing on a third girl. Students also ill speak about Ishaan. Savi tongue lashes them for ill speaking about a man who helps them. Students says they are supporting a girl who is wronged by Ishaan, looks like Savi knows about Ishaan misusing female students and is trying to shut their mouth. Shukla warns them to dare not ill speak about his sister or else he will break their mouth. They all disperse. Sandhya asks Savi to find evidence instead of messing up with them. Savi says she needs to find Suman Mhatre to know why she lied. She recalls seeing filmy artist agency ID card in Suman’s bag and googles it’s address.

Surekha asks Reeva why did she ask Ishaan if he loves Savi when she knows that only Reeva is in Ishaan’s heart and proposed her instead of Savi. Reeva says Savi in front of everyone told that Ishaan was with her at her house. Surekha says she can write it down that nothing happened between them, Ishaan is habituated to help others and is trapped by Savi, he visits her whenever Savi calls him for help. She asks her to promise that she will separate Ishaan from Savi forever. YRB says is right, it’s a question of whole family’s dignity now, they will support her in this battle. Surekha asks her to promise that she will follow her patni dharma like Savitri and save Ishaan from Savi. Reeva promises.

Precap: Savi in bridal attire reaches exam hall and after writing exam asks Ishaan where is he. Ishaan in groom’s attire says where they had met for the first time. Savi reaches him. An assassin shoots at them and blasts bombs.

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