Guddan 30th September 2019 Written Update

Guddan 30th September 2019 Written Update by Shraddhasharma392

Guddan 30th September 2019 Written Episode

Episode start with doctor👩🏻‍⚕👨🏻‍⚕ checking durga and baby and prescribe some medicines.. Later Dadi tell Akshat and Guddan about Durga being Pregant.. Akshat congrats both and Guddan Hug Durga by giving Congrats.. Durga ask Guddan to bless baby so that Baby should be brave as Guddan.. Even Lakshmi agrees to Durga.. Guddan says weather baby be girl or boy, he should be healthy, and should not kill🔪 anyone…
Revti says it was not your fault, its just an accident.. You didn’t kill🔪 Antra.. Guddan get sad 😞thinking🤔 how Antra died.. Dadi says its not your fault. Guddan say it was mine.. Akshat look at revti in anger😡 says its not your fault at all Guddan and take in their room..

In room Akshat open window and feel cold breez..

Guddan say it was my fault, no-one deserve such death, weather she was wrong but she doesn’t deserve painful death… Akshat says it wasn’t your fault, but it was her destiny which made her die this painful death..
Akshat ask her relex.. But she says how can she when she knows she killed🔪 person.. Akshat goes aside.. Guddan further add saying if she can’t understand him!! He tried to kill🔪 her and today was trying to save me as well.. She ask him again to tell why he shot🔫 her??? If anything js troubling, we shall fight togther.. Akshat says he don’t need to explain her.. He goes out and think🤔 I can bear your anger😡 Guddan but can’t see you in pain😢😞 which you will be facing after knowing about Revti..
He goes out and find Revti.. She says I am enjoying your helplessness.. How can you not answer your Guddan??? She add this fake Anger😡 will kill🔪 Guddan day by day… Akshat notice that no-one is around and says I am doing all this for Guddan only.. Revti says yes.. Indore’s biggest Chef is dancing 🕺🏻on my tunes.. Akshat get angry😡.. Revti further say because of that Guddan, My Angad died, My love❤ is incomplete, than how can I let complete Guddan Akshat love❤story?? Its just that I can’t kill 🔪anyone.. But you both will have to bear seperation pain just I suffering…

Next day Guddan does Pooja🙏🏼, and serve prasad to everyone… Dadi pray that her family stay happy😊 like this always.. Later Police👮🏻 arrive with arrest warrent of Akshat with proof showing that Akshat shot🔫 Guddan at cliff… Dadi and Bhusan doesn’t believe this and confront Akshat.. Akshat says yes he did.. Though Guddan ask to speak truth atleast now, but Akshat says he hate her existence.. Dadi get shocked😨😨 hearing all this.. Parv and Revti smiles😊 evilly😈

Precap: Guddan pledge to find culprit within 24 hours.. She tell her plan to Akshat as well.. Akshat ask her not to do this.. Guddan take her plan forward.. Voice over will guddan find revti truth or akshat will save guddan

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