Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 11th February 2020 Written Update

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 11th February 2020 Written Update by H_Hasan

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 11th February 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Radhe, Pappu and Nanhe lal come to ballu and ask him about the letter. Ballu says he has swear that he will not tell anything to them. Nanhe lal asks how was Sarla’s expressions? Ballu says she was very happy. He gets his wife’s call and gives her kisses on the phone. He says everyone loves their wives so much. She calls him again. Ballu says he is missing her and ends the call again. He then tells them that he has two wives. Pappu asks why? Ballu tells that his sasur got him married to his daughters. Nanhe lal says there is something in you which we can’t see.

Radhe, Nanhe lal and Pappu are shocked. Radhe says I can’t handle one wife. Ballu tells that his wives take care of him and share each other’s work. He tells that they don’t let him keep his foot on the ground and call him Swami. He says they love him a lot and compete with each other to take care of him. He says my wives Champa and Chameli, I miss my darlings. Radhe is taken away by Pappu. Nanhe lal imagines Sarla. Sarla keeps the divorce papers and says she will keep it safely always. Gudiya says Bua ji appreciates you and proved that he loves you so much. Sarla says yes, he do. Sweety hears her and asks Amma why Pappu didn’t give her court love letter. Sarla says if I start counting then it will not end. Sweety asks are you telling me? Sarla asks if someone else is standing here. Radhe comes there and asks Sarla to give him tea. Sarla asks for the court papers and says she will make. Gudiya asks him to send more papers and says Amma is very happy and kept all the papers safely. Radhe sends her out and asks Sarla to listen to him. Sarla says she don’t want to talk. Radhe says you can’t go like this. Sarla says she is going to pahadi baba and will come back. Radhe thinks she is very difficult.

Sweety cries in her room. Gudiya asks what happened? Pappu comes there and asks her to go? Sweety asks her to stay back. Gudiya says I will sit here. Pappu asks why you are angry. Gudiya says if you had given her court letter then what would have happened? Pappu says babu ji didn’t do right. Sweety says Pappu can’t see my happy. Pappu thinks how to give her divorce. Sweety cries and says I understand it all, I want it. Gudiya asks Sweety to come with her to have golgappa. She asks Pappu to call lawyer and ask him to make court papers. She then takes Sweety to have golgappa. Pappu cries and says what did you do babu ji?

Radhe is making tea in the kitchen and asks Pappu if he wants tea. Pappu says no and tells that all house is affected because you were drunk. Radhe says I didn’t do anything intentionally and tells that Sarla refused to make tea for him. Pappu tells that Sweety is asking for divorce. Radhe is shocked. Nanhe lal brings kachori for them. Radhe asks why did you call lawyer and have done all this. Nanhe lal says I took your words seriously and says when Samdhan ji wants herself then you shall free her and get free himself. Radhe says she is from Mahua. Nanhe lal tells that Samdhan ji was getting happy. Radhe says she is very happy and tells that men are eager for divorce, but opposite thing is happening. Nanhe lal says I will talk to Samdhan ji to end the case fast. Pappu says you can’t make Amma understand and asks him to make sweety understand. Nanhe lal asks why? Pappu says she wants divorce. Nanhe lal gets angry and says I got her married to you and she wants divorce. He says I will make her understand. Pappu says she went to have golgappa. Nanhe lal looks on. Radhe says it is difficult to understand woman.

Gudiya are having golgappa at the golgappa shop. Sarla comes there and scolds the guy for making her daughter have golgappa. Sweety is sitting at the shop. Nanhe lal comes there and asks sweety why she demanded wrongly? Sarla says she has a habit to copy me. She says I will not bend down this time, if he had not told me directly rather than giving court letter. Nanhe lal thinks what shall I do, shall I be happy or sad. He thinks to make Sweety understand and gets hopeful about Sarla’s divorce.

Precap will be added later.

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