Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 13th January 2021 Written Update

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 13th January 2021 Written Update by H Hasan

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 13th January 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sarla asking Gudiya from where she got the money for the buffalo’s grass. Gudiya tells that Bau ji gave money to her. Radhe scolds Gudiya as she makes Vasanti have the grass. Rajjo tells Radhe that he has done right and tells that her back pain is gone due to Vasanti. Radhe and Sarla hears the song tere ghar ke saamne…..Rajjo and Gudiya decorate Vasanti. Sarla asks them to kick Vasanti out. Rajjo tells that Vasanti treated her and says if you have any intelligence then you shall hit your mouth on her head, so that you get some intelligence. Sarla gets upset to get insulted and tells Vasanti about their behavior. Radhe asks Sarla if she trust him. Sarla gets tensed. Chunni lal comes there. Sarla asks if he is fine now. Chunni lal says yes. Sarla asks where is Samdhi ji? Chunni lal tells that he has gone to secret mission. Sarla tells that Vasanti is a guest here and troubling us. Chunni lal says I will kidnap it just as I get the chance. Sarla says Samdhi ji used to complete the work, whatever I said. Chunni lal says ok and goes. Sarla asks Vasanti to calm down and not to make sound. Sweety tells that Vasanti is dragging the drum with her mouth.

Sarla says she is drinking water by keeping her mouth in the water. Gudiya tells that Vasanti will take bath in the river. Vasanti goes with her. Radhe asks why did you ask her to take Vasanti for bath. Sarla says there is a purpose for her every talk. Gudiya takes the buffalo out. The people like the buffalo and its decoration. Gudiya says it is not in lakhs, but in crores. She says buffaloes are not less than humans, but four steps ahead of them. The old man asks how is it 4 steps ahead of them. Gudiya tells that the buffalo is a miraculous and whoever it touches, it relieves the pain of that person. The people want to get themselves treated by Vasanti. Sarla calls Chunni lal and asks him to kidnap Vasanti now. Chunni lal says ok and asks her not to worry. Sarla says she trusts Samdhi ji’s training. Chunni lal thinks to make Nanhe lal’s impression down and thinks not to kidnap the buffalo. Sarla takes the cow dung from the floor and finds ring in it. She washes it and finds gold ring shockingly. Sweety comes and asks what is it? Sarla says Bua ji shall not see it and calls Pappu and Radhe. She shows the gold ring to them. They get surprised.

People comes there to get themselves treated by the buffalo. Rajjo asks for the fees. The people keep the fruits which they brought for vasanti and go. Sarla tells that Pahadi baba told me that my family will be uplifted soon. Gudiya comes home and tells that someone kidnapped Vasanti. They all get shocked. Gudiya tells that Vasanti was happy after bathing and was shining. She tells that 4 goons came there, tied bantu and me to the tree and left. Radhe asks who are they? Rajjo says Gudiya didn’t see them. Bantu says Gudiya Mausi praised the buffalo and called her miraculous. Sarla thinks if Chunni lal kidnapped her fast.

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