Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 27th August 2019 Written Update

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 27th August 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 27th August 2019 Written Episode

Madhya Pradesh

Lalit Pur Bus stand: A couple comes with their son. The man asks tonga rider to take him to Shipri. Rider says he will take him to Singapore if given money. He asks if they are going to sweety vastralaya balan. Man says yes. The rider asks them to give 30 and 50 for return. The man’s son asks him to take money for one way and tells that they came to see the girl, will take time. Rider says you came to see Gudiya. The couple think that samdhi ji kept tonga rider for them. The neighbors gossip that recently someone came to see Gudiya, they wonder if they get married. The ladies gossip that Sarla thinks Gudiya is one among lakhs and lakhs. Sarla prays to God’s idol and asks him to get her marriage done. She says Gudiya is Chanchal and have same complexion like

you, says while talking to God. Her husband tells her that his mama ji send matka which is special and can’t break. She asks him to keep it in showcase. He says you spits poison and asks her to concentrate on work. Sarla’s bahu Sweety says Gudiya went somewhere after applying uptan on her face. Sarla calls her and asks where is she? Gudiya says she is on terrace and falls down from the swing. Sarla says they are at the door step and asks her to come. Gudiya comes downstairs and falls on the matka. The matka breaks and its piece fall on the guy. He gets injury. Gudiya gets water on her mouth and asks the guy to open his eyes. She blows on his injury. The guy and his parents run out of the house.
Sarla and her husband get upset. Dadi says samosa smell is good. Gudiya’s father asks why did you make her apply uptan. Sarla says that didn’t happen because of uptan. Sweety says Gudiya is habitual to fall. Sarla taunts Sweety and says my Gudiya falls, but don;t elope for wedding. Sweety says I will complain to my father. Sarla’s husband asks her not to do this. Sarla blames the matka for hurting the guy which made him run. Gudiya tells that it is good that she came to know about the groom before hand and tells that he is very delicate and asks how he will handle the life problems. Everyone looks at her. Dadi asks about the guy’s family. Sweety says they came and returned from the door. Dadi says what will happen with samosa and jalebi. Sarla asks her to have samosa and tells that they will deal with the problems. Dadi asks what are you saying, if this is the time to sing. She asks Radhe to see his wife. Radhe asks Sarla to talk with manners. Sarla says she don’t want to stay here. Gudiya’s brother goes to shop. Gudiya comes to Dadi. Sarla picks the matka’s broken pieces and says you said that it will not break. Radhe says it got bad sight of someone. Sarla says what do you want to say? She blames his relatives. He says your daughter is enough. Gudiya says he is right. Sarla gets upset, beats her. Gudiya takes the broom and throws it. Sarla asks her to beat her. Gudiya says if I had not thrown the broom then you would have beaten me and don’t have food foe 4 days. Sarla goes. Gudiya comes to the room, makes the marble fall on the floor and takes out the thread. Her song plays….

Sarla takes off the clothes from the rope. Gudiya comes there and says she made bouquet for her and gives her broom. Sarla asks if you are not angry with me. Gudiya says my body was paining, you massaged it well. Sarla asks why she don’t get affected with people’s taunts and family members laugh at her. Gudiya says why I will feel bad, I feel bad for the people who came to see me from far and spends much on travelling. Sarla says that’s why people think you wrong. Gudiya sits on her back and Sarla falls down. Sarla asks her to take her life. Gudiya says I have my life, what I will do with your life.

Gudiya comes to Radhe. Radhe asks why did you do this? Gudiya says who kept soap on the floor, and matka there. Radhe says if I had not agreed to you and sent you for higher studies then it would be good. She says she learns and do MA here. She presses his feet standing on it and falls down on the radio. She says it seems it is Chinese stuff. Radhe says it is 20 years old. Gudiya plays it and gives to Radhe. Sarla comes there and asks what happened? He says how Gudiya’s marriage will happen and asks what did you eat to give her birth. Gudiya says coconut and mishri. She laughs. Radhe and Sarla looks on.

Precap: Sarla asks Gudiya to be hungry to know manners are needed. Gudiya asks Radhe to give money. He refuses. Sweety says you will not die if not eaten food. Gudiya dives in the pond to die.

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