Gupta Brothers 13th October 2020 Written Update

Gupta Brothers 13th October 2020 Written Update by H Hasan

Gupta Brothers 13th October 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rajat asking Alok if everything is right on the paper which he pasted on the shop. Alok says right. Veeru says how I will take so much stuff to Haridwar. Rajat says we will take customer’s order online and after returning we will deliver the order. Shiv appreciates her. John Johny Janardhan make a grand entry. His brother announces that a shop guy who became rich from here. Main ho don plays….The other shop keeper tells that he is a goon and tells that he snatched everyone’s shop and offering money. John’s brother tells that the vehicle brakes is not working. Shiv asks Veeru to go and save their Bauji’s statue. Veeru runs and manages to stop the vehicle, but due to the sudden jerk, John falls down and gets himself smeared with mud. He gets up. Shiv says you became rich by snatching people’s shops. John tells that he came to get this lane and asks them to tell the prize or…shoots in air. The bullet hits on the electric wires and it sparks. John tells Gupta brothers that even God can’t save them from his anger. Just then the electricity wire falls down on John and he feels the current. His brother in law holds him and feels the current. Shiv asks Veer to get the stick. Other shop keeper touch them and get electrocuted. Shiv uses the wood stick and saves everyone. The shop keepers tell that whenever they want to sell their shops, they will sell it to Gupta brothers as this market was of his father. John thinks he will teach them a lesson and looks at the message on the shop.

After 3 days, the ladies come to know that Gupta brothers have come. Jaya falls. Shiv tells that they had gone for God’s darshan and he told that no woman can do anything now. Jaya asks really? Virat says we got solution now, no woman can eye our house now. Shiv says lets go. Jaya tries to go inside. Veeru calls her lizard. Jaya says she doesn’t want to stick to him. Shiv scolds Veer and then asks Jaya to go. The girls give money to Jaya for tomorrow’s show. Shiv asks Alok to tie something out given by Pandit ji. Just then storm comes. Alok says it is a bad sign. Shiv asks him to close the door. Alok goes out and closes the door, the thing which he tied falls down. Electricity goes. Shiv assigns them work and goes to make food. Alok’s mother thinks Shiv’s atyachaar is finished. Rajat tries to light the match stick, when a woman comes there and helps him. Veeru comes to the room and thinks why the room is messy. The woman asks him to clean her room too. Veeru gets shocked. Alok also gets scared seeing the woman. Shiv comes to the photoframe and asks his mother if she is doing this. His mother says she is someone else. The lady is seen coming there and dancing. Shiv, Veeru, Rajat and Alok get scared and run away. The woman looks at them.

Precap: The lady tells that she is his father’s business partner’s daughter. Shiv tells that he doesn’t know about the partner. She claims her rights on the house and shop.

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