Half Marriage 13th April 2018 Written Update

Half Marriage 13th April 2018 Written Update by H_Hasan

Half Marriage 13th April 2018 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Chandini going to washroom with the nurse. Maya wears Patient’s clothes and sits there. Doctor comes there and asks about Arjun. Maya says I can hear my report. Doctor tells her about it and leaves. Chandani comes back and sits. Sulochana and Manohar come back to the hospital. They get Chandani discharged and take her home. Maya smirks. Janki asks Maya about Chandani. Maya says she has returned, I will tell how she returned. Later Sulochana tells that they will do puja. Maya says we shall keep puja at home for chandani and Rakhi. Sulochana likes her suggestion and says Rakhi and Chandani will have baby soon.

Pandit starts puja. Doctor comes there. Surinder says you are here? Maya says she called him for check up. Arjun says it is good and thanks her. Doctor says I

didn’t do that puja is going on here else wouldn’t have come. Janki says we have kept puja for Chandani and says she wants to become mother. Doctor says only God can fulfill her wish and tells that what is not in a doctor’s hands, can be made possible by God, you shall not leave hope, miracles can happen. Sulochana asks what? Doctor says I told Chandani and asks if she didn’t tell her family. Doctor says which I told you. He says her internal injuries was deep, I told her that she will never be able to become mother again in her life. Everyone is shocked. Maya smirks looking at Janki. Chandani is shocked. Arjun looks at her. Maya smirks as Chandani and Arjun go to their room. Chandani is shattered and cries thinking about Doctor’s words.
Arjun comes to Chandani. Chandani says maa..doctor…and cries. Arjun pacifies her. Chandani hugs him and cries. Maya signs Janki. Janki accuses chandani for hiding such a big truth from them. She says it was like hiding from God and says Rakhi would have bear the punishment. Maya says it must be a misunderstanding, Chandani must not know. Sulochana says it is Chandani’s habit to lie and gets angry. Manohar asks her to calm down. Arjun and Chandani cry. Chandani apologizes to Arjun. Arjun asks her to handle herself. Chandani says why I am punished and for what? Maya comes to Sulochana and asks why you are sitting quiet and asks her to not to spoil her health. She asks her to go and sleep. She asks did you have medicine? And says nothing can be done now. She says Chandani took medicine box to her room and says she will bring it. She goes to Chandani and asks her to give Sulochana’s medicine box.

Chandani gives it. Maya thanks her. Chandani comes down the stairs. Maya gives medicine to Sulochana. Sulochana asks her not to touch any of her things, says if she had told me then I would have hugged her. I am sad that my son believes her even now. Maya says I understand. Arjun wakes up and calls Chandani. Chandani comes out and looks in the sky. Maya looks at the pointed thing on the ground.

Chandani tells that she will stay with Arjun and will adopt a baby. Maya thinks she shall do something to break their relation.

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