Shakti 13th April 2018 Written Update

Shakti 13th April 2018 Written Update by H_Hasan

Shakti 13th April 2018 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Harman and Soumya coming back home. Harman is drunk and says it was fun to become Gulabo, and says Gulabo became Harman. He calls Gulabo to Soumya and asks her to bring water. Jasleen, Harak Singh and others get shocked. Soumya gets water from the fridge. Preeto asks Soumya how she made Harman as Gulabo, and blesses Soumya as she feels shy. Shanno says today Harman became Gulabo and is upset. Soumya takes his shoes off and covers him with blanket. Tu hi mera khuda plays…..

In the morning, Harman tells Soumya that he is freed at the 25th hour according to the deal. Preeto asks Harman to forgive Soumya. Harak Singh says now relation can’t be made. Preeto says when she can forgive him, then why can’t Harman forgive Soumya. Harman says my heart is broken, my trust is broken

into pieces, now nothing can be done. Preeto says everything is possible with love. Harman breaks the glass frame and asks Preeto to join it back. He says this is not mirror pieces, but reflection of my love. Harak Singh says his son can get 1000’s of girls, and says Jasleen will marry him, as she is his childhood love. Soumya is shocked and asks Harman if he will remarry. If he will punish her so big. She cries and asks him to reply. Harman says yes, I will remarry to make you leave from my life, I can do anything. He proposes Jasleen for marriage. Jasleen is surprised. Preeto tries to stop him, but Harak Singh stops her. Jasleen says we are good friends, but don’t love each other.
Harman asks her to give a chance to their relation and says we love each other as friends since childhood. He says real love is this, and the love which I have done, is the one which betrays you, kills you etc. He asks Jasleen if she will hold his hand. Harak singh asks Jasleen to agree and says love will happen after marriage. Shanno and Veeran asks her to agree. Jasleen says you are my good friend, if you think that your life will be fine, then I am ready for it. She asks him to wait for her love. Harman says I will not forget the favor which you have done on me. Preeto asks them to rethink and says this is not right. Harak Singh shouts at her and asks if she don’t want her son’s happiness. Soumya folds her hands and asks him not to punish her, says she will die. Harman says you wanted me to marry and even tried. He says kinnars are auspicious and asks her to take his marriage shagun to Jasleen. Soumya is shocked.

Harak Singh asks Jasleen to go to her room. Soumya tells Preeto that she has lost, and Harman’s anger has won. Preeto says you can’t lose. Soumya says I was hopeful to win his trust and told him that he will be freed if I couldn’t prove my innocent. I trusted on my love, but if Mata rani wants this, then I will see my relation ending infront of my eyes. Preeto says you can’t do this and asks her to go somewhere. Soumya says she will see Harman remarriage and then will leave from his life. She says I will not run away from here, and will go after his marriage. Preeto is tensed.

Harak Singh tells Harman that kinnar will leave after his marriage and he will get rid of her. Harman says he is remarrying because of her and says you said right that she will betray me and will leave me. He gets emotional. Harman asks him to forget her and think about jasleen. Preeto asks Soumya if she has gone mad? Soumya says she is making shagun thaali. Preeto says I thought to go with you to temple and pray to God for your suhaag, but you are decorating the shagun thaal here. Soumya says she asks for Harman’s happiness always. Preeto says you are mad. Soumya thinks nothing is left now. Harman thinks about his marriage with Soumya and the bangle incident. He says you have cut your hand, thinking I will apply ointment, but I had applied chilli. He cuts his hand.

Soumya helps Harman get ready and dances during Harman and Jasleen’s sangeet.

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