Happu ki Ultan Paltan 17th February 2023 Written Update

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 17th February 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 17th February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rajjo telling Happu that Vimlesh is taking so much time to make soup. Happu says she will bring. Rajjo says she is in tension, what she will make. Happu says whatever she makes, you shall drink, she is your sister. Ranbir comes there and tells them that Mausi can’t bring Soup, but your Chacha made her sit and he is now drinking soup. Rajjo says she is feeling weak. Happu calls Beni and asks him to bring soup for Rajjo. Beni comes there to give soup to Rajjo, but Chacha ji asks him to sit. Amma asks him to go out and drink soup. Chacha ji asks him to sit. Happu massages Rajjo’s head.

Rajjo asks him to sit. Chamchi comes there and tells that Chacha ji stopped Beni. Rajjo says I can’t drink soup. Chamchi asks Happu to get soup from Kamlesh Chinese cart. Happu waves his hand to Kamlesh and tells that he is happy to see his cart. He asks about the soups. Kamlesh says he has variety of soups. Rajjo orders the soup. Kamlesh makes it and gives through the window. Rajjo drinks it and says it is very tasty. Kamlesh is standing on the window and asks for money. Happu asks if you don’t feel ashamed to ask money from us and asks him to go. Kamlesh says what kind of man you are? Rajjo calls Amma. Amma asks how are you? Rajjo tells that Happu has taken good care of her, she is fine and asks her to bless her so that they can go safely. Amma says they have not woken up and says line is cleared. Rajjo and Happu come there. Rajjo goes to bathroom. Happu is about to come to Amma, but he sees Chacha ji and Resham Pal, and runs to bathroom. Chacha ji tells that he wants to go to bathroom. He finds the door locked and asks who is inside? Amma says Hritik must be inside. Hritik comes there.

Amma takes everyone’s names and they all come there. Resham Pal says thief must be inside. He says we shall break the door, but Amma stops them. Happu and Rajjo gets tensed. Just then Happu sees a lizard and runs out. Rajjo also comes out. Resham Pal says Happu you are here, you lied to us. Happu tells him the truth. Rajjo greets Chacha ji. Resham Pal says don’t you feel ashamed to go on a holiday after having 9 kids. He suspends him for 2 weeks. Amma asks Resham Pal if he had never lied to go on a holiday with his wife. Resham says he and his wife used to go on holidays, whenever they get a chance. He cancels Happu’s suspension and gives him 3 days’ leave to go to Thailand. Rajjo refuses to go and tells that whatever she wanted, she got it here, she got her husband’s love and care right here, so why to go far to celebrate Valentine here. Everyone wishes happy valentine’s day.

Kamlesh opens the box and counts the money, which is not even 100 Rs. Kat comes there and asks what happened? Kamlesh says he didn’t get any customer, and money. He says how I will give you gift. Kat asks him to sell his kidney and buy diamond earrings for her. Kamlesh asks are you sure? Kat says we will save another kidney for next year. Kamlesh cries and says oh my Mummy. Kat says you are very innocent and says I am just joking. She tells that she wants her valentine gift and tells the dishes name, asking him to make. Kamlesh says ok. Kat says happy valentine’s day. Kamlesh says Kat kat…happy valentine’s day.

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