Happu ki Ultan Paltan 30th August 2019 Written Update

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 30th August 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 30th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rajjo cutting onion in kitchen closing her eyes. Amma comes there and holds her hand. Rajjo says you came again and says Amma will come. Amma says she is Amma and Rajjo says your son is troubling me a lot since he got free. Amma says I can understand that I have to do something. Rajjo says he made me busy. Amma says I don’t want to understand. She says I did a mistake by getting him suspended. Rajjo says how to tell you, your son is much romantic. Amma asks her to stop it and says we will go to Commissioner. She says she will get his suspension cancelled. They come to the Police station. Manohar asks them to sit. Commissioner comes and greets them. He asks why did you come? Amma says we came by auto. Rajjo says he is asking about the purpose of visit. Amma scolds

her. She asks him to cancel Happu’s suspension. Commissioner says he might be talking behind my back and calling me by different names. He says I don’t need him. Amma says we also don’t need him. She says actually I came to tell you truth and says whatever we told that day is to get leave for happu. Rajjo says we lied to you for getting leave for him. Commissioner asks them not to lie to save Happu. Amma says we lied that day and that’s why he is at home. Commissioner says here also. Rajjo asks him not to punish him for their sayings. Amma says he praises you a lot. Manohar laughs.
Commissioner says I can’t cancel his suspension as I have suspended him officially. He says I am sorry. Amma asks Rajjo to come. Commissioner greets Amma. Amma ignores him and goes.

Rajjo tells Amma that she will not go inside, as happu will hold her again. Amma says we shall take advice from Beni. Rajjo says he is expert in suggestion. Amma calls him. Beni asks did you go to meet Vimlesh. Amma asks him to wear her name chain. He says he is wearing and shows it. Amma slaps him. Beni asks why did you call me? Amma says we need your suggestion and says he is free at home. She says he is troubling everyone. Rajjo says he talks a lot, don’t let them play and waste their time. Amma says get us freed from this problem. Beni asks them to give him time to think. Happu comes out and calls Rajjo. Rajjo tells Amma that she will not go. She asks Beni to think something. Amma says he is troubling everyone. Beni asks about her age. Amma says she will slap him. Beni goes. Happu takes Rajjo to room and pushes her on bed. He says I have captured you in my love trap. Rajjo says so this is your important work. Happu says yes. Rajjo says you left Majnu behind and says Tantrik will get away with your problem. Happu says only you have he solution. Rajjo says she will beat him. Happu asks her to see how other wives take care of their husbands. Rajjo says you deserve beating. He gets romantic. Rajjo says Amma and kids will listen. Happu says they have 6 rooms. He asks shall I end my feelings. Rajjo asks him to limit it. Happu says I can’t control when you are infront of me. Dada ji is outside their room and thinks happu is more romantic than him and thinks to tell Amma. Rajjo goes from the room and tells him that she will tell Amma. Happu thinks when she will be in mood.

Everyone is sitting outside. Hritik asks who died. Rajjo gets angry. Chamchi says Commissioner refused to cancel his suspension. Hritik says he will go with Kamlesh. Malaika says Bapu is not letting him come. Chamchi says he is troubling even milk man. Happu comes there. Hritik asks him to check the tap in the bathroom. Happu scolds him. Amma asks him to go and check the tap. Happu says Malaika is not giving me chair. Amma asks him to go. Hritik takes Happu to bathroom and locks the door. Happu asks him to open the door. Rajjo says door will not be opened. Amma says you have troubled us a lot. Happu says I am silent and enjoying my leave and says I will beat Hritik. Amma warns him. Malaika asks him to stay there all night. Happu calls Amma and asks her to open the door. Chamchi says nobody will open the door. Happu says I am getting tensed, open the door. Rajjo says don’t pull me in the room or don’t trouble kids. He says ok. They open the door. Happu asks why did you get me suspended? Rajjo says we went to get your suspension cancelled, but commissioner refused. Happu says Commissioner is cunning, cartoon and says he might have been born when 1000’s people died and says he is the man of the bad family. Commissioner hears him and calls his name. He says you can’t get better. Happu says he was helping kids in the play. Commissioner asks him not to lie and tells Malaika that she is right that he don’t deserve police job. He suspends him for another week. Amma asks him to feel pity on her. Commissioner says did he think about me and goes.

Precap: Rajjo asks Happu to hire servants to do household work and compares her health with Amma’s health.

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