Happu ki Ultan Paltan 6th February 2020 Written Update

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 6th February 2020 Written Update by H_Hasan

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 6th February 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Amma drinking tea and thinks Rajjo didn’t add sugar. Beni comes there and takes her blessings. Amma blesses him. Beni says I will get your full blessings when I get married to Vimlesh. Amma laughs. Beni asks him to take his words seriously and tells that he will become old. Amma says I promise that I will talk to Vimlesh. Beni thanks her and says you are just one. Happu comes there and says you are praising Amma, if you want her property. Beni says he has only one wealth and that’s Vimlesh. He asks Happu to get a role for him in the film. Happu says he had said something else few days back. Beni says he used to do Supanrakha’s role in Ram leela. Happu asks why did you become lawyer then? Beni says his father made him study law and his practice is not going well, how to run house. Kids come asking Rajjo for tiffin. Hritik says we are getting late. Rajjo gives them tiffin.

The kids are going to school. Happu stops Hritik and sends other kids to school. He asks Hrithik when he will be comfortable to watch film. Hritik says 12-3:00 pm show. Commissioner comes to the Police station. Makwana asks why is he worried? Commissioner asks where is Happu Singh? Happu comes there and tells that he had gone to watched movie with Hritik. He asks did you implement hostel idea? Commissioner says yes, but the reaction is in this letter. Makwana reads it, my bad people, you are very cheap. Happu tells Commissioner that he is stressing on the bad things in the letters. Commissioner asks Makwana to read it fast. Makwana reads that he is leaving the house and spits on the cheap person’s face who gave you hostel idea. Happu is shocked.

Later Hritik calls everyone and says I am sorry that I disturbed you all. He says I am happy that my Papa has taken care of me, took me on a horse ride, made me have icecream etc. He says his father wants him to return to acting and says so he is back. Action Yadav/Kamlesh and Kat come there. Amma asks them about the play. Kamlesh asks Kat to give them characters intro. Kat asks who is hero? Happu says I am hero. Kat says hero is 60 years ago and old. Kat then gives heroine’s role to Rajjo who is also old and gets scolded by her bahu. She then gives bahu’s role to Amma. Amma says she will enjoy. Kat says Hritik will play Sanjay and Amma’s husband. Sanjay says it is challenging role and I will do it. Chamchi says she will play Rinki’s role. Ranbir asks what is my role? Kat says you are voiceover.

Amma sees the script and says I have to read all. Amma says Rajjo will do good acting. Amma says her acting will be the best as she is experienced. Dada ji asks when? Amma tells that whenever I want to convince you for something, I used to do acting. She then says that she has troubled her mum in law. Dada ji says this is not acting, but cheating. Amma asks him to go if he don’t want to motivate her. Chamchi comes there to make Amma read the script. Amma asks her to translate the script in hindi. Chamchi says OMG.

Rajjo shows her displeasure that she got old lady’s role. Happu asks her to accept the challenging role. Rajjo says then who will take care of my kids. Happu says if you become a good actor then I will get 10 Servants for kids. Rajjo says I will not leave my kids for acting. She practices to cough like Suzi. Happu asks her to bring pain in her acting, asks her to feel that she is 75 years old lady and shivering. Rajjo closes her eyes. happu asks did you sleep, hearing her snoring? Rajjo says she didn’t sleep and coughs. Happu asks if this is acting or real. Rajjo acts. Happu says he will concentrate on his acting and asks her to do her acting. Rajjo says extra dialogues. Happu says acting is not your cup of tea. Rajjo tells the dialogues. Happu asks her to get up and says he will take her to moon. Rajjo says she can’t get up as she is 75 years old lady.

No Precap.

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