Hitler Didi 30th April 2013 Written Update

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Hitler Didi 30th April 2013 Written Update by Julia

Hitler Didi 30th April 2013 Written Episode

Rishi feels insulted as Indira says loudly in front of everyone, you don’t have a penny in your pocket.. do you want me to give you money? In anger he says he will earn and bring medicine on his own. Someone comes and tells Indira that the gas supplier is here. India goes with him telling Indu to take everyone home.
Rishi comes to a store and owner reminds him he is same person who got injury on his one of eyes because of Indu and Indira sent him to police. He says I got destroyed because of them and you expect me to give you medicine on loan? No one will give you medicine like that.. not only me. Rishi is leaving, but he stops and says if you make a case against your wife for interfering in everyone’s business, then I will give you medicine for free and give you money too. Rishi laughs and refuses.
Indira comes to gas supplier store and other poor people are also there fighting for justice. They tell Indira how gas supplier started supplying bad gas and cuz of that their family members got injured. They ask Indira to help them. Indira promises them that she will file complain in court against gas supplier and this time Rishi will fight their case.

At home Indu is taking care of everyone. They all are hungry. They tell Indu, Indira used to sell her jewelry, but never kept anyone angry. They ask her to give up and accept that Indira is badi hitler and she can’t beat her. Everyone forces her a lot to sell her silver payals which Shweta gave her. Indu says Rishi Kumar will bring medicine and food both. Munna says he hasn’t earned anything till now, how he will earn so much money all of a sudden? Rishi comes with empty hands and Indu get disappointed. She now goes and gives her silver payals to a guy in return for money. Indira sees her and is angry as Indu has to go through what she went through.

Rishi gets surprised seeing everyone eating gol gappas. And also because they got their medicine. He asks Indu about it, but Indu avoids question and asks him to put medicine in everyone’s eyes. Indira comes in angry mood and shouts at her family. She says don’t you any shame that you’re making Indu do all this? Indira explains Indu that she doesn’t want her to go through what she went through. She returns her payals to her. Indu is still angry at Indira and pushes her back when she goes to hug her.

Indira then gets angry at Rishi. Rishi says he didn’t know about it else he would have stopped Indu. Indira throws file at him and goes to her room. Rishi sees all those case papers and smiles. He goes to room and tries to cheer Indira with shayris. Indira is still angry. Rishi then says, may be I am not for you. Indira asks him to shut and says you have everything that I wished my life partner to have.. except 1 thing. You like to take shortcuts. She asks him to promise that he won’t take any shortcut now as you get true happiness when you do things properly. Rishi promises her. Indira then says to him.. you will fight case for those poor people and give them justice.

Precap: Rishi has some money with him. He tells Munna that money is of poor people and he has to return them. Munna asks to keep some money, but Rishi doesn’t feel like it.
At home everyone comes to take their money from Rishi. Indira asks them wait saying he would be coming shortly.

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