Humsafars 31st December 2014 Written Update

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Humsafars 31st December 2014 Written Update by H Hasan

Humsafars 31st December 2014 Written Episode

The episode starts with Arzoo saying everything was a game and drama. Sahir says yes. I thought you are clever enough to understand that I am acting, but you are foolish. How can you think that Sahir Azeem Chaudhary would love you. Arzoo asks if everything was not true. Sahir says yes. He asks you are saying as if whatever you said was true. She asks why did you play with me. Sahir says to bring your truth infront of everyone. He says to show your real intention and to prove that you loves money. Arzoo asks why do you hates me so much. Sahir says he likes liars. Arzoo says I will leave this house. Sahir says finally you have understood what I want. He asks her to go. Arzoo says you don’t need to do this. I am going now. She tells him that you made me love you and also made me learn to hate. She leaves.

Sahir gets angry and calls servant to serve him food. Arzoo is walking on the road and recalls Sahir’s words that he wanted to prove that she loves money. Nausheen and Zara come back home and greet Alvira. Alvira gets happy and hugs Nausheen. Zara says Dadi and Myra are with their relative. Nausheen asks Zara to call Arzoo. Nausheen tells Alvira that Dadi was tensed about Arzoo, but she made her understand that Arzoo is with Alvira. She gets tensed. Zara comes and informs them that Arzoo is not at home. Alvira wonders where is she?

Arzoo continues to walk on the road and is still in shock. Zaki tells that Arzoo is not picking his call. Nausheen asks Alvira did you talk to her. Arzoo gets in the cab and leaves. She gets Zaki’s call, but doesn’t pick it. The driver of the cab looks at her. Arzoo gets Alvira’s call. She sits in shock and doesn’t pick the call. The driver stops the car and tries to misbehave with her on the pretext of searching tool kit. Arzoo realizes that she is in danger and sends her location to Sahir. Sahir wonders why she is sending me her location. Zaki comes and tells Sahir that Arzoo is not at home. Sahir rushes outside. Arzoo asks the driver what ara you doing? He holds her hand and tries to misbehave with her. Arzoo pushes him and runs. She calls Sahir, but the number comes as busy as Sahir is calling her. The video cam on Arzoo’s phone start capturing the video as the driver tries to molest her. Sahir sees the video and gets shocked. He thinks that’s why Arzoo sent me her location. The driver falls on Arzoo while she resists and shouts.

Arzoo screams. Sahir comes to the place and beats the driver. He walks towards Arzoo when the driver attacks him. Sahir beats him and even removes his shirt to beat him till he gets red and blue. The police arrive the scene and stops Sahir from beating him further. They arrest the driver. Sahir picks her dupatta from the ground and covers Arzoo. Arzoo asks is this your new game. She says that taxi driver was good than you. He attacked me from the front. She faints in Sahir’s arms. Sahir gets emotional looking at her. Zara and Nausheen worry for Arzoo. Anam says she must be partying in the club. Kurti too taunts her. Sahir comes home carrying Arzoo. Everyone get shocked as they see Arzoo wounded. Sahir makes her rest on the bed. Alvira asks what happened.

Sahir tells her that Arzoo was going to Linda’s house and the taxi driver tried to misbehave with her. He says he reached the place at the right time. Kurti Apa taunts Arzoo. Alvira says men should stay at home. Kurti Apa says mother should teach her daughter to stay in limits. Alvira says men should respect women. Nausheen thanks Sahir for saving Arzoo’s respect. Sahir says I didn’t do any favour. It is my duty. Nausheen blesses him and says whatever wish/Arzoo you have shall get you. Sahir looks at Arzoo while holding her hand. He goes from there. Zara asks Arzoo to wake up. Arzoo is still in unconscious state.

Sahir asks Alvira to stop Arzoo. Alvira asks why. Shall I tell her that her heart needs be broken more in this house. Sahir cries and asks her to stop her.

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    loved the episode… I hope Sahir will realize his mistake

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