Singhasan Battisi 31st December 2014 Written Update

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Singhasan Battisi 31st December 2014 Written Update by Tanaya

Singhasan Battisi 31st December 2014 Written Episode

The episode begins with,raja bhoj is seen in the palace where he sees a sign on a rock and step on it and then suddenly the land there breaks down and there is all over lava and some stones in between raja bhoj then decides tat there is only this way to go ahead and he starts jumping from one stone to other to reach the other side and reaches succefull and then he sees the next sign of leg then raja bhoj thinks tat he should keep an positive approach and he keeps leg on the stine and then the the entire place turns into a proper mahal and he sees two guards standing and then enters the palace he goes inside and then he hears a voice who asks him to stop and then two ladies arrive and welcomes him to mahands palace raja bhoj then tells tat he is here to meet mahandas the ladies then ask him to drink this sharbat and then only he will be allowed to meet mahandas raja bhoj thinks for a minute and then decides to drink it as to meet mahanatdas it is necessary to drink this and then he drinks it and then the lady says tat he is a vivekshil raja and so ohe is able to meet mahantdas now and tells raja bhoj tat he can meet mahantas in the rangshala
Raja bhoj enters the rangshala and sees tat there are two ladies dancing as soon as they see raja bhoj they stop and mahantadas wonders y the dance and music stoped as he opens his eyes he sees a man and asks who r u and raja bhoj introduces him as raja of Ujjain and he is here to have yantra mahantdas then asks him to come near him and take it as soon as raja bhoj steps forward he stops him and ask him to come towards him dancing and places ghungru in his legs raja bhoj then thinks tat he can take tat yantra with his powers but he will take it using his vivekshilta and raja bhoj starts dancing and reaches mahantadas
Mahantdas gets happy and agrees to raja bhoj tat he will give him the kamal yantra and says tat he is his guest and he has to stay with him but then raja bhoj refuses the stay and asks only for the kamal yantra but mahantdas doesnot listens to him and asks the other dancers to dance and asks his soldiers to take him to the guest room
Into the caves bhingraj is seen happy and the other tantriks arrive and bhingraj says to them tat raja bhoj has successfully reached the kamal yantra but a tantric says tat he has not got it yet then bhingraj says tat he will get it and we will be released soon and then we will capture the raja bhoj in this book and then it will be the time for mahakal to arrive on earth and it will be our rule on earth
Raja bhoj is in the guest room where he thinks tat y mahantdas is no =t telling anything about the kamal yantra he must have kept in some very safe place and then raja bhoj goes out to look around and every time he goes ahead he finds himself at the same place he roams here and there and then sees his ownself in front of him raja bhoj gets shock and thinks tat wat kind of magic is this he can see himself standing in front of him and then he sees his imitation is vanishing and coming in front and again vanishing and then raja bhoj meets mahantdas where mahantdas says tat he will kill himsoon and then attacks raja bhoj with his powers raja bhoj tries hard to defend and then mahantdas tells tat the one who wants to achieve the kamal yantra wont get it as after getting it he knows tat the entire world will be under bhadrakas and bhinraj rules and so he will kill him and then attacks raja bhoj hardly and then raja bhoj defends hardly and fells down he then thinks tat he has to use his vivekshilta and now he should ring the bell as he did previously and everything came to normal and so he will have to rang the bell.
Raja bhoj wakes and goes near the bell and fells near it and then catches the rope and rings the bell twice n thrice and there comes mahantdas and asks raja bhoj tat wat does he wants and should he kill him raja bhoj then tells tat if he wants to kill him he can but first atleast listen to him y he wants the kamal yantra mahantdas asks y and raja bhoj tells tat he wants it so that he can save his kingdom and his people and so he wants the kamal yantra mahantdas believes him and then says tat he will be happy to help but he really doesn’t know where is the kamal yantra raja bhoj ask how is this possible as bhingraj told tat it is with mahantdas then mahanatdas then tells tathe is nit mahantdas and he is dwarpal and he can help him get out of this magical trap (bhool bholaiya)and then dwarpal says prayers and asks raja bhoj to go ahead raja bhoj then thanx him and then the dwarpal warns him tat he should be aware of the aim of bhingraj to achieve the kamal yantra as there is no good intention seen behind it raja bhoj then thanx swarpal for his warning and then decides to himself tat he will get to know the intentions of bhingraj and save everyone from his wrong intentions.

Maharani vallari is running and asking raja bhoj to go away from her but raj bhoj is running behind her and as soon as he touches her she and the other people along with her burns and turns into ashes.

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