Ik Kudi Punjab Di 17th April 2024 Written Update

Ik Kudi Punjab Di 17th April 2024 Written Update by Tanaya

Ik Kudi Punjab Di 17th April 2024 Written Episode

Heer tells Yashika that it was all her plan to show Jarnail to Jeet, but he denies seeing him. She questions Yashika for being there. Jeet scolds Heer for burning his childhood home for her plan and risking her friend’s life. Later, he asks Yashika to lie on the bed and gets ointment for her burns. He even applies it to her bruises while Yashika lovingly looks at Jeet. A song plays in the background as Jeet tends to Yashika’s burn injuries.

Jeet tells Yashika not to put her life in danger for him, but she says she cannot promise that. Yashika thinks about how Jeet saved her from fire and gets emotional. Beant reaches the farmhouse and wonders what Gurmeet is doing there. Heer apologizes to Jeet, but he says she’s behaving weirdly and claims that Jarnail doesn’t exist; it’s all her imagination. Heer tells him not to trust her words but to help her find the person who is with Jarnail keeping an eye on her. Jeet agrees to help for the sake of their friendship.

Beant Singh knocks on the farmhouse gate, and Gurmeet’s girlfriend opens it. Jasmin thinks she has to stop him, so she calls him and says that Gurmeet had called them and is coming home. Upon hearing this, Beant leaves immediately from the farmhouse. Jasmin worries that society will blame her for her husband staying with someone else. Heer calls Jarnail and manipulates him to give her a chance to execute her plan to hurt Jeet. Jarnail questions why she’s eager to help him if she knows killing Jeet and her is difficult.

Heer tells Jarnail that she has decided to produce a movie and enter Bollywood with the money he will give her. She explains her plan and says that his work is done, and the car brakes are failed. She asks him to check himself. In the kitchen, Rajwinder scolds about why the cooker blasted. Heer wonders if all of them are in the kitchen, who is checking the car brakes. Heer is about to go out when she notices Navjot coming from outside with a black stain on her hand. She tells Jeet about doubting that she is the one helping Jarnail.

Jeet scolds Heer for doubting her own mother. But Heer says that she might be getting blackmailed by Jarnail. However, Jeet is hesitant to accept the same. Heer recalls how Navjot had made her marry Kuldeep. She sits crying, and Yashika comes there, hugging and consoling her. Yashika tells her that maybe someone else is with Jarnail. She also advises Heer to confront Navjot about the same. Beant and Navjot ask Jasmine about Gurmeet. She lies that he is about to come but might be late. Heer tells Yashika that now she has to bring out Jarnail’s truth and find out why Navjot is helping him.

Precap: Jarnail says to Yshika, no need to go anywhere he shows her medicine and says give this to Jeet anyhow so that his story will end by heart attack and if you fail to give him you should have it to get an easy death or else I’ll give you very painful death.

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